When kids remain at home during summers or even because of social distancing, it negatively affects their learning in various subjects. Over the years, it results in low performance below their grade level. So, it is essential to keep their brain active in summer by engaging them in exciting activities such as brain games online. We will see more details of these activities that efficiently deal with their boredom and prevent them from getting irritated.

Let us see 10 activities that can help kids actively learn and socialize to avoid issues like depression and anxiety in the long run.


  1. Brain games online and offline:

Since kids are fascinated by digital devices, it is better to let them use them by engaging in the right kind of games to make their brains sharp. There are games related to maths for kids of different grades, which offers an interesting way of learning and practising as it is different from the conventional methods. Apart from this, playing educational board games is also a great way of keeping their brain engaged.

  1. Learning music:

Research shows that learning music has the power to develop kids’ brains. So training them right from childhood will not just keep them engaged but also enhance their executive functionality, auditory system, and motor skills. Parents can let their kids choose which instrument they want to play and it becomes an interesting activity for them.

iii. Reading books of their choice:

This can be done by organizing a book club where kids of the same grade can participate. Asking them to pick a book every week that they find interesting to read is an excellent way of developing a reading habit. Once done, they can discuss the book on the topic they found most interesting. Gradually this will inculcate the regular reading activity, and the discussions will enhance their group conversation skills and analytical skills.

  1. Inculcating love for plants through gardening:

Parents can teach their kids the importance of plants for the environment and their significant role to keep the climate cool. There are a lot of plants from which they can choose and start gardening. It includes growing flower plants as well as certain fruits and veggies at home in an organic way.

  1. Maintaining a journal:

Letting kids maintain a journal will boost their writing skills. They can start by allowing 15-20 minutes every day for this activity to become a habit and help them better express themselves gradually. It will also inculcate the initiation skills while working on any writing assessment.

  1. Learning painting:

This will unleash creativity in the kids. Enrolling them in the painting classes is a great way of spending the summertime learning artwork. They can also learn to turn the waste plastic bottles into attractive pieces by painting on them, enhancing the look of simple vases and similar activities.

vii. Enrolment in a specific class for a subject or in a summer school:

Parents who are too busy to get involved with their kids in various activities need to consider these options. Enrolling the kids in the class in some specific subject of their interest will keep them engaged. Besides this, social interaction with other kids of the same grade will keep their brains active.

viii. Summer sports:

Research shows that sports keep kids active and improves their executive functionality. It inculcates teamwork and makes them learn the essence of putting consistent efforts to attain the desired targets.

  1. Improve memory through Neurotherapy:

With Neurotherapy, it is possible to ensure optimum performance of the kids’ brains as it enhances their memory, executive functions, and organizational skills. It has a positive impact on their sports performance too.

  1. Learning origami:

Like painting, this will spark curiosity in kids as they can learn to make a lot of artwork with paper. They need to be enrolled in classes that teach sustainable practices, such as using newspapers to make different origami.


While keeping the kids engaged, it is essential to make sure that they solely do not spend all their time online in games. There are various activities they can try out for the better performance of their brain.