Working out is essential to keep the body fit and healthy. But only working out is not enough, you need to work out in the right way. When it comes to working out and staying fit, everyone has an advice for you but what is important is how accurate this advice is and whether it will work for you.

If you search ‘fitness tips‘ on Google, then you will get some tips and tricks but you need to understand which of these is right and what is wrong for you. Following each of the tips will not help you stay fit, but can do harm on the contrary.

Myth 1: You should workout early in the morning

The best time to exercise is when your body allows you to exercise most consistently. To get the best results from the workout, you should follow a regular workout schedule. Choose a time that is most convenient for you, and always work out again at the same time.

Myth 2: Participating in a marathon will keep you fit

Arguably running is a great aerobic workout that burns calories but running in a marathon is not the best way to stay fit. Running fast for 10-15 minutes a day gives the same benefits as running slowly for a few hours.

Myth 3: Sweating means you are not fit

People who train for endurance sports like running and cycling, etc., are fit. When you work out, heat is produced in the body. It then automatically sweats to normalize the system temperature. This means that as the body produces more heat, it sweats more. As a result, the more you sweat, the more fit you stay.

Myth 4: Sports drinks are the best for post-workout hydration

Most sports drinks only contain a combination of sugar and water, which give you short-term energy. Of course it gives you relief during intense workouts, but it is better to drink only water or consume a normal protein shake. Studies show that protein helps in rebuilding muscles after a workout.

Myth 5: Results will not come without suffering

If you think that having pain while exercising means you are getting fit, then you are thinking wrong. Although it is normal to feel a little discomfort during intense workouts, it would be your fault to ignore it if it hurts more. When you work out, your muscles work which causes discomfort which subsides after a while. But if this pain increases and intensifies, then you need to relax. If the pain still persists, contact the doctor.

Myth 6: Fat can turn into muscle

Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue, so they cannot be interchanged. Fatty tissue is like a sandwich between muscles and our organs, and muscle tissue is the layer above it. If you want to target different tissues of the body, then you will need to do different exercises for this. Apart from this, in the case of fat, you need to take the right diet along with regular workouts.

Myth 7: It is necessary to go to the gym everyday

When it comes to exercising, it is important to follow a routine, however if you think your body is a machine then it is not. It is important to give rest to the muscles of the body and give them time to cool down. If you want, you can do yoga, dance or swimming on the rest day. You will also enjoy it and the body and mind will get rest.

Myth 8: Cardio Should Be the First in Your Routine

Doing cardio exercises directly before strength training is a common misconception and it’s not as effective as it sounds. When doing cardio, muscle glycogen stores are depleted, so you don’t have enough energy to do the rest of the day. That’s why it is better to do cardio later and focus on the rest of your strength exercises.

Myth 9: Working out with a friend is distracting

If you think that if you have a friend with you in the gym, then you will not be able to focus, then you are wrong. Working out with a friend can be very motivating for you. Your workout partner may tell you skills you don’t already know. They motivate you to do regular workouts and achieve your fitness goals.

Myth 10: Gaining Weight Means Gaining Fat

It is a big misconception that if you are gaining weight then you are getting fat. When you first start working out or after a long time, you may gain weight. In most cases, this is because your body is making muscle tissue.

When working out, muscles are the first to develop, which causes a slight fluctuation in the total body weight. As you keep working out, the fat will start burning, and you will be able to get the shape you want.