One question that all small businesses come across is how they can use social media marketing for their benefit. Social media marketing is a beneficial technique that helps even small businesses to carve a niche on the World Wide Web. Forward-thinking companies that take the help of social media marketing benefit from making a personal connection with the customers. One of the best benefits of participating in this type of internet marketing is connecting with potential new customers that can in turn increase sales.

Here are some of the top 10 SMO strategies and tips that Traffic Web Services, a powerful solutions provider based in Dubai recommend small businesses to make use of:

  1. Setting Goals: The foremost aim of any small business is to set up a goal on how they will integrate the use of SMO with their present marketing techniques. Some of the initial issues that small business owners need to concentrate on include creating profiles and accounts on social networking service.
  2. Social Websites: Social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter offer an excellent base for small businesses to start their online marketing campaign. Creating profiles and adding followers on these networking websites helps businesses spread a word about their services and capabilities.
  3. Creating Blogs: Having a company blog is a great idea for promoting a small business venture. It is important to pay attention to the content that is published on the blog. The content needs to be rich in keywords that describe the service or product well and is the most searched by internet users. This will allow targeted visitors to reach the blog easily. Adding plug-ins on the blog will help visitors share and re-tweet the posts.
  4. Professional Websites: Websites like LinkedIn see a huge number of users. Small businesses can create an account on the website and use the profile for promoting the business. Making connections, joining groups, and participating in discussions make the profile more visible resulting in attracting prospective customers and also an increase in viral marketing.
  5. Commenting on other blogs: Participating in discussions on blogs of other business owners from the same industry can add value and trust to the company’s blog. Posting comments and articles on other blogs can help the company promote its own blog.
  6. Videos and Images: Adding multimedia can be tasking for small businesses, however, are very fruitful. Owners can create videos of their business on YouTube and also post photos on Flickr. Linking these videos and photos to the main website will bring people to the portal and to the original video and photos. It is important to add appropriate tags to the multimedia so that they can easily appear in the search results.
  7. Mobile Social Networks: There are a number of mobile social networks e.g.: Yelp and Foursquare that can prove to be a good means of promoting small businesses. Creating accounts on these networks will help mobile users locate the business and share it with their followers on other social networking websites.
  8. Conversations and Discussions: Good conversational skills are an asset for any small business owner. Engaging in conversations on social networking sites about similar products and services and keeping visitors involved in discussions is directly promoting the service or product. To make the best of this, business owners should keep track of the targeted traffic on different search engines and social websites. Conversations should be maximized on services that offer the most traffic.
  9. Importance of Listening: It is very likely that small business owners will talk more about their products, services, and how great the past sales have been rather than listening to what customers have to say. It is very important for owners to listen to customers first.
  10. Exclusive offers: Conversations on social networks should not just focus on deals. Small businesses can offer rewards and promotions to their social networking customers. Providing on-off deals and rewards programs can help attract target customers. However, it is important to note that these reward programs require instant call-to-action.

Taking the help of professionals for Social media optimization services is the best way to improve on the business. Brandstallion helps small businesses gain from SMO marketing techniques.