Apple is considered one of the best companies producing smart devices. The AirPods model provides you with a wireless experience that can be used for listening to songs or any other audio. You can use the AirPods for five straight hours after charging them. You should know that they charge very quickly. AirPods allow you to take a call automatically whenever you put them in. But you should make sure your iPhone is connected with your AirPods.

Here are some of the things that you should know about the Apple AirPods:

1.  Functionality of Siri

You should know that you can use the Siri function of Siri in your Apple AirPods. There are many Apple AirPods alternatives in the market, but they do not provide a voice control feature. For using Siri, you should install the latest operating system. You can let Siri read your messages which you can listen to through your AirPods.

You can also reply to your messages through voice commands. You can operate Siri by saying, “Hey Siri.” You can request Siri to dial a number for you, play a song for you, turn the volume up or down, etc. If you do not want Siri to spy on you, you can disable this feature.

2.  Connection with Smart Devices

Apple AirPods allow you to connect them with any smart device, whether it is manufactured by Apple or not. You can connect your iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, Macbook, Samsung devices, and many other devices you want. AirPods have the capability to switch audio between two different devices. You can connect your AirPods with non-Apple devices through Bluetooth.

3.  Find the Lost AirPod

As we know, AirPods are small in size, that’s why they can be lost very easily. No doubt, the cost of buying another AirPod may cost $69 to $89. You should make a routine of keeping the AirPods at a specific place after using them. The most common place is to keep them in their charging case.

You can easily find your AirPod if one of them has been lost. This feature is not offered by all the products that are alternatives to Apple AirPods. When you buy Apple AirPods, make sure you have “Find my iPhone” in your device activated. You should also pair it with your AirPods, and when one of them gets lost, you can locate your earbuds easily.

4.  A Hearing Aid

Apple AirPods can also work as a hearing aid. You can use it for hearing the conversation of other people where the audio quality will be amazing. For making your AirPods a hearing aid, you need to place your iPhone near the people who are communicating with each other and listen to their conversations. This feature of Apple is known as Live Listen. You need to enable this feature from Settings.


The Apple products are always attractive, amazing, and innovative. Apple has always satisfied its customers through its remarkable products. Apple AirPods is one of those products that provide you wireless experience and provide a high quality of sound.