People with oily skin have to go through all kinds of difficulties and troubles. Many people must have told you about its benefits too, but believe me, we are still trying to find the benefits. Those who say that oily skin looks dewy and glowing should not believe them at all.

Our skin does not look glowing and dewy but rather greasy, but like bhaturas. No matter how expensive makeup you buy, the oil production of your face will not allow it to last. Many times it seems that after seeing so much oil, America should not attack our face!

But God, weather and pollution cannot always be blamed for this oily skin. Maybe the reason behind this is something else. We do many such things in our daily life which increase the problem of our oily skin. We have many habits that make oily skin more oily.

Here we mention some such habits which are included in our daily life but we do not even realize that due to them our skin is becoming more oily.

1. Frequent face wash

If you have oily skin, then we can understand that to clean the oil on your face, you must be wanting to wash your face again and again. Many people must have also advised you that the best way to keep the oil on the face under control is to wash the face once in a while. But believe that it is increasing your problem instead of reducing it.

For oily skin, most people use a face wash with salicylic acid, which cleanses the natural oils from the face. This signals to the skin that it has to produce more oil, due to which you get dehydrated but oily skin which is the root of many skin problems.

2. Using Alcohol-Based Toners

Toner is an important part of the skincare routine and beauty closet of oily skinned girls. We know it helps to remove excess sebum and dirt from your face, but are you using the right toner for you?

Most of the astringents and toners available in the market are alcohol-based, so pay attention to the label when buying them or use a natural toner like rose water.

3. Avoid using comedogenic products

You may have seen non-comedogenic on the labels of many beauty products, but do you know what it means? This means that these products will not block your pores. Sebum, heavy creams and makeup can lead to clogged pores, so when choosing your skincare products, make sure they are non-comedogenic.

4. Not using the right makeup

Nowadays there are such makeup products in the market which are specially made for oily skin. Not only do they give a matte finish after applying makeup, but they already have primers so that the makeup does not flow from your skin. While buying or using makeup, keep in mind that it is made for oily skin.

5. Not Moisturizing

This is the most common mistake that most people with oily skin make. We people with oily skin feel that because our skin is already so oily, we do not need to moisturize our skin. But this is a big misconception and also a big reason for your skin to be too oily. When you don’t moisturize your skin from the outside, your skin has to produce extra oil to make up for that deficiency.