The heating process is an important stage used in most manufacturing industries. To achieve this process, industries use a variety of industrial heaters, each with its design, watt density, and efficiency. The cartridge heater is one type of industrial heater that has a wide range of applications, including the heating of metals, polymers, and immersion operations.

These heaters have gained huge popularity in recent years. In the heating industry, they are frequently preferred over more traditional heaters. This blog post provides detailed information about Cartridge heaters and explains how to select the right one for you.

Know More About Cartridge Heaters

A cartridge heater is a type of heating element that features a tube-shaped design. These heaters are immediately put into drilled holes to heat metal items. Cartridge heaters, like other industrial heaters, can be constructed in a variety of watt densities to meet the needs of the application. These heaters are often built to be significantly smaller than their nominal diameter.

How do I Choose a Cartridge Heater?

Several types of cartridge heaters are available on the market today. Furthermore, these appliances are available in a variety of sizes and styles. So how can you know which heater will be perfect for your industrial applications and processes? Consider the following elements that will help you pick the most appropriate cartridge heater:

Know the Location of the Installation

The first thing that you need to consider is the location where you’re thinking of installing your cartridge heater. After that, consider the type of material that your heater will come in contact with because some materials such as aluminium and brass cannot withstand heat and lead to heat damage. Also, make sure to check for any pollutants in the installation place. Many Cartridge Heater Manufacturers in India recommend that you should install your heater in a place with no impurities.

Speed of Response

The next thing you should consider is the speedy response time of your cartridge heater. You can determine this by knowing the type of application or process for which you need this heater. Some industrial applications such as plastic manufacturing need a quick speed of response.

If your industrial application requires a fast speed of response, you should go with a higher-wattage heater rod. Cartridge heaters with such high power guarantee that the elements respond quickly. If the industrial process does not demand speed, you can buy a cartridge heater with a lower wattage.


Another important thing you need to think about is the temperatures necessary for your industrial applications. Understand what temperature you anticipate your cartridge heater to reach. This can help you decide the right type of sheathing for your heating coil. Stainless steel is the most often used material in the industry. However, if you are dealing with high-temperature applications, you are encouraged to go for an INCOLOY sheathing for your cartridge heater. This type of sheathing not only helps to optimize the element’s lifespan but also decreases the need for regular maintenance.

Furthermore, evaluating the desired application’s temperature helps identify the appropriate sort of lead to include in your cartridge heater. The lead wires for heater rods intended for use in high-temperature applications should be made of fiberglass. Using materials such as silicone and rubber under high temperatures, on the other hand, would be useless, even leading to poor performance of industrial processes.

Size of the Heater

Usually, all heater rods are built with standard diameters. As a result, while selecting the optimal diameter of the cartridge heater, you need to define its suitable fit based on the installation place. Most Cartridge Heater Suppliers in India perform all of the engineering fit for their customers and supply custom-sized heaters as per their requirements.

Assume you decide to drill and ream a 0.5′′ hole. Most businesses will simply undersize the cartridge heater so that it slides extremely fast into the drilled hole. In reality, these specialists and professionals often create cartridge heaters that are .004′′ smaller than the necessary size. This ensures that the heating coil always fits snugly into the hole so that it operates efficiently and gives the greatest results.

Length of the Heater Coil

Determine the length of your heater by the part you want to heat. The greater the extent of the component you would want to heat, the longer the cartridge heater you will need. Also, if you just want to heat a small portion of the metal, a short-size heater coil might be an ideal option.

Which Cartridge Heater Should I Use?

Wondering which cartridge heater you need to maximize the efficiency? A variety of factors including heater life, process temperature, durability, size, and cost play a major role in finding the cartridge heater. However, every application will have its unique requirements and challenges.

High-Density Cartridge Heater

These heaters are the workhorse of the industry and are suitable for high-temperature applications. Hi-density heaters are widely accessible in a variety of sizes and voltage/wattage combinations.

Low-Density Cartridge Heater

Low-density cartridge heaters are appropriate for low to mid-temperature applications and are less costly than hi-density. Their design method necessitated very low watt densities, but they had the greatest length capacity.

Cartridge Immersion Heater

These are high-density heaters with an NPT fitting brazed to the sheath that works well in small tank heating applications. They’re ideal for low-temperature, low-wattage settings where a normal immersion heater won’t fit.

Hot Runner Heater

These types of cartridge heaters have an inbuilt thermocouple and are high-density heaters. The thermocouple is connected to the sheath or put at the lead end, disc end, or in center.

Split Sheath Heater

Split sheath heaters are divided in half. The design allows for expansion into the hole allowing greater heat transmission. They are suitable for high-temperature, high-wattage applications and require more lead time than high or low-density heaters.


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