Know which questions are frequently asked in interviews.

What are your weaknesses?

Never say that you have no weakness. One of the biggest challenges is knowing your weaknesses. Tell me what are your weaknesses and how are you trying to solve them.

What inspires you?

Motivation is personal. There isn’t any proper or incorrect solution to this. Making a career can motivate some people and for some people supporting their family is a motivating factor.

How much salary are you expecting?

For some people, this sight is very difficult and for some people, this rider is of no importance. Too many expectations are also not true. To know how much other company gives for similar job. Let us set your expectations for him.

Why should we hire you?

Tells the interviewer your skill set that makes you the best fit for the company. But keep in mind that you are not looking down on other people who have come for the interview.

Tell me something about yourself?

You don’t have to speak about your relationship status. Give a small description about yourself. You can also say the point of your CV that you want to highlight. You can also tell about your personality and ambition.

Would you like to ask us some questions?

Always keep a rider ready in advance. You can also take feedback from your interview if you have no questions in your mind. The best would be that you tell something that the interviewer has said related to the job.

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