Have you ever wondered that on searching anything on Google, you get results in the form of websites and there is a particular ranking of the website, so, what decides the ranks?

Here is the role of Search Engine Optimization or SEO that comes into play. With the help of SEO, we can optimize our content around some specific keywords to appear in the search results whenever a user types that specific keyword.

In this article, we will discuss the roles of SEO on our website’s content and the tips for writing great SEO content.

Let us begin by discussing the basics of SEO content writing.


Content writing is a particular type of writing which is well researched and written according to a specific topic.

Let us understand what SEO is with an example.

When you search about anything on Google, you have many websites to choose from and go forward with. Those websites which have optimized their content around that keyword will rank higher in the SERP; or in other words, we can say those websites which have done a better SEO will rank higher.

It is important to make your website rank higher in the Google search rank to generate traffic on our website, and SEO can help you in this. Hence, we understand the importance of SEO. You can learn this by joining a good content writing course.

Now, let’s see some of the tips for SEO Content Writing.

Tips for SEO Content Writing

1 Targeting Multiple Keywords

Targeting%2BMultiple%2BKeywords 6 Tips for SEO Content Writing

When you include and write the article with multiple keywords, there is a high chance to generate more traffic on the website.

People searching for the different keywords will get your website, constantly driving traffic to your website.

Not only this, try to place the keywords in the right places. You should know when to use that as a Title, as a Meta description, or a Header tag. This helps in forming better content as per rules laid by Google.

2 Improve Readability

Improve%2BReadability 6 Tips for SEO Content Writing

Readability is one of the biggest reasons for ranking lower in the list, even if you have included the keywords.

It can be considered as the biggest area where Google looks at on searching. But in recent years, Google has changed many algorithms and is now focusing more on user experience.

Here are some tips to improve the readability of your text.

  • Write and format the text as you are writing for skim readers.
  • Try to use short sentences.
  • Don’t make long paragraphs; instead, try to break them into short ones.
  • If you find some part of your content as important, try to highlight that part by bold, underlining, or writing capital letters.
  • Writing in an active voice is a much better option.
  • Use transitions on words to give a better idea to the readers.

Many online tools help you improve your readability, and one of those is Grammarly. It is the most popular and easy to use tool for your help. You can use this as an extension on your chrome, and Yay! You can start writing, highlighting the mistakes in your text and the suitable changes.

3 Write According to Your Readers

Write%2BAccording%2Bto%2BYour%2BReaders 6 Tips for SEO Content Writing

Seems like an easy task?

But wait, it is not easy at all.

The article you write must be written to attract your readers and make them read it completely. Also, you should write as if you are a reader, and the article should be in an easy-to-read manner, not including some harsh and hard words that the reader has to search for the meaning. This makes the reader feel bored, and he thinks to move on to another website and, in turn, leaves a bad image for your website.

In this competitive era, you need to be perfect in your writings as several websites are waiting behind to dodge you.

4 Use the Heading that Indulges Readers

This is very important as if you write just for the sake of completing the burden, then it is not worth writing, and sorry to say, you are wasting your time.

Proper headings leave a great impact on the reader, and it also helps them navigate to the point that he needs to read or find interesting.

Moreover, if the headline is also a keyword, then that’s super cool. With good headlines, write correctly and to the point text underneath it; else, your headline will not be worthful.

To attract people to your website and make them follow your articles is a big deal these days as for the same topic, there are many results. So, there should be something in your writing that is different from others, and this will, in turn, increase the traffic on your website.

5 Structure your Article Properly

Structuring means properly aligning your text. In simple words, when you write on a specific topic, try to go with the flow rather than writing what you remember in mind.

It is very important to write with the basic knowledge of the topic and then explain various things you are writing for.

According to Google rankings, unorganized text is inefficient and can be rejected by Google. However, this will not help you in any way to fulfil your desired goal of generating traffic on your website.

Maintain the heading that makes a reader go on with reading the article or post. You can also break it into small pieces to help you make different heading and bifurcate the text according to the headings.

6 Include Facts, Figures, and Quotes from a Credible Source

Include%2BFacts%252C%2BFigures%252C%2Band%2BQuotes%2Bfrom%2Ba%2BCredible%2BSource__1625122710_45.117.180.117 6 Tips for SEO Content Writing

When you include some facts and figures with your post, it helps you better understand the content. But make sure the things you mention are correct and are taken from some relevant websites and news portals.

When someone reads your articles with facts and quotes, the reading becomes more interesting and fun, ultimately driving the traffic to your website.

Google accesses the content before publishing on some websites, especially good websites, to stop spreading fake and bad data.

It is better to include the links of the sources you used while writing the stats and quotes so the reader can confirm the things easily and will like your way of writing and hence would recommend it to some friend and this chain will keep on going to solve your purpose of writing.

SEO and content are equally important for each other, and one loses its value if the other is missing.

It is good to know various aspects of content and SEO writing before directly starting to write.

Where to get knowledge from?

I recommend joining a content writing course of The Thought Tree as they provide the best content writing course in Jaipur. They cover every single point, starting with the basics and take you to the advance of the content writing world. T3 also provides online classes.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start your journey today and always remember that the digital world is growing and will always keep on growing; even though the offline world stops for some reason, the online world will always keep running and never stop.