If you are troubled by the increasing electricity bill in your house every month, then maybe these tips will help you reduce your monthly budget a little. If you are troubled by the increasing electricity bill in your house every month, then maybe these tips will help you reduce your monthly budget a little.

It is considered the quality of Women and Men to run the household well. Along with the house expenses received at the beginning of the month, expenses like ration for the entire month, school fees of the children, and electricity and water bills have to be met. Also, parlor, cosmetics, medicine, and other necessities sometimes increase your monthly expenses so much that your amount starts getting empty. Does this happen with you too? Does your monthly Electricity bill suddenly start running out of the limit? If yes, then perhaps with the help of these tips, you can cut your monthly bills some.

1. Use Task Lighting-

This means to use lighting only where it is needed and as much as it is needed. For example, you can use a reading lamp to read, which will not illuminate the whole room but only the table where the work is done. Think about similar night lights, zero-watt bulbs, etc., which can do the job of saving a lot of electricity in homes.

2. Keep your tube lights and lamps clean-

You must be wondering why this strange trick has been given, but it is very useful. Actually, the dirtier the light source, the less light will be reflected. This means that if there is more dust in the tubelight, the room will be less illuminated and you will feel the need for another light source. Many people keep two lights on in the same room in this affair due to which electricity is wasted.

3. Fluorescent Tube Light and CFL-

If you want to save electricity, then use fluorescent tube lights or CFLs instead of ordinary light bulbs. These can prove to be up to 70 percent more economical than the common bulb.

4. Keep the temperature of AC set-

The use of AC has become common in summer, but it is not necessary that you keep the room completely chilled by keeping it at 16 degrees. If you keep the AC between 23-25   degrees, then the room will remain cool and at the same time, your electricity bill will also be very less.

5. Keep the fridge away from heat-

If you keep the refrigerator away from all types of heat sources i.e. kitchen gas, sunlight, etc., then the compressor of the fridge will not take much effort and it will save electricity bills. If you keep the door open for a long time while using the refrigerator, then due to that also the electricity bill is high.

6. Power Plug-

Electricity bill is a big problem of common people. How many times does it happen that your device is not working but if plugged in and power on? In this way it consumes electricity. For this, you use Power Strips, which will reduce your electricity bill. You plug your device into the power strip. With this, you can keep the device on and off whenever you want. Apart from this, you should use lights with work power. Turn on ‘go to sleep mode’ on your laptop and computer, which will automatically turn off its light and power if not used for a long time. This can reduce your bill to a great extent. Also, make a habit of turning off the TV fan and AC immediately after using the family member.

In this way, you can bring some reduction in your monthly electricity bill by keeping some things in mind.