How to do life insurance is a very important solution. We can do insurance by wire, online and offline.

Directly from the insurance company

Through we can do life insurance directly. There are also 2 ways to do it directly with the insurance company, offline and online.


To do offline life insurance direct from the company, you have to visit the company’s office in Jakar. In the company office, the employer of the company needs you from you, worse you will get the policy on your own or you can buy the policy of your choice from direct who. To take the policy, you need some necessary documents like address proof, etc. Please carry these documents with you at the time of purchase.


You can also insure yourself by visiting the Website of Direct Insurance Company. For this, you need to have an online banking facility as you have to pay the premium online.

Online life insurance is a bit cheaper as it does not involve paperwork fees.

Local insurance agent

You can also get your life insured through a local insurance agent. You can go to the agent’s office and then call the caller on their phone number to your home.

The agent will suggest you which would be the best plan for you. It is easy for agents to compare different company policies. They have more knowledge.

It’s bad you can choose the policy of your choice. I have to pay the premium amount to your agent through a local agent usually in the form of a bank cheque. The agent also gets some percentage of incentives from the agent for insuring you.

Online independent broker

There are many brokers available online who provide the facility of insurance policy online. There are websites which offer you the policy suggestions of your choice by campaigning the policy plans of almost every company or you can get insured directly through them.

Now we have learned that what is life insurance, why it is necessary, how it happens, how many paths it is, and so now how does one question. Let’s know the process of claiming insurance.

How to take care of life insurance claims

This step is the most important step of a life insurance policy. Since you only know the process of claiming life insurance, then what is the use of buying life insurance?

These insurance 2 situations in which the claim is made

    Worst of Death of Policyholder

    Cons of maturing insurance policy

After the death of the policyholder

If the policy holder dies due to any reason before the maturity of the policy, then the nominee of the policy holder has to fill up a form called Claim Form. This form is given by the policy company itself.

Are there some important details to be filled in the form like policy number, exact date, and time of death? The reason for which the death took place also has to be mentioned.

The poor form filling form has to be accompanied by some important documents like a death certificate, nominee certificate, and all original documents of life insurance. If the cause of death is an accident, then a copy of the FIR or the post-mortem report is also to be attached.

The bad form of doing all this is a hymn to the address of the company which mentions the form. The company verifies your form and documents from its side, then if all goes well then you get your claim amount within a few days.

Maturity insurance policy

The life insurance company itself issues a discharge voucher at your address. Some details have to be filled on our voucher-like policy number and the name of the policy holder.

Most important is the voucher signed by the policy holder. After signing, the voucher has to be returned to the policy office or your claim amount is given to you by the life insurance company.

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