Everybody watches Netflix series but which series are the most watched worldwide?

So today in this special blog we’ll get to know which series are the most watched series Netflix of 2nd quarter of 2023.

So let’s start this interesting blog.

This list starts with that action movie which itself started the trend to make trends on Netflix Chris Hemsworth’s movie: Extraction it was the start of this franchise’s hero and adventure where to save a kid’s life he wreaks havoc this film came out in 2020 but it remained again in the top 10 films on Netflix because it’s second was going to be released it was streamed for 29.4 million hours by Netflix users because of this it became the 7th most watched film of the 2nd quarter of 2023 it is available in Hindi on Netflix.

It’s real power is not in the story but in action we all know the one who is keeping alive the rom-com genre of Hollywood is Netflix because every month 2-3 rom-com movies are released here so doesn’t at least one rom-com deserve to be on this list?

On no. 6 we have ‘The Tourist Guide to Love ‘(April) the heroine of this film goes to Vietnam for some work but falls in love with her tourguide there are many weak points in this film but if you like rom-com movies then this film will at least entertain you decently Netflix users streamed it for 40.52 million hours within 3 weeks after it was released and this became the 6th most watched Netflix film of 2023 this is available in Hindi on Netflix watching movies with family is more fun and the no.

On no 5th movie ‘Chupa’ can give you this fun in this, a curious young boy finds a mysterious friend and then the adventure starts although this film is very well made and carefully paced but it is written very simple that’s why this film is more suited for kids and adults may not like it that much whether netflix users watched this with their family or alone this had the watch time of 64.93 millions hours in the first 4 weeks this is available in hindi on netfilx if you like historical setting, bloody action and well written characters then this no.

On no 4th movie ‘Seven kings must die’, is for you without talking about the spoilers, this film shows a satisfying end to the story of the hero of ‘The last kingdom’ series technically it appears that this film is a little weak than the series but even though it offers the same level of fun that’s why it was streamed for 69.54 million hours in the first 3 weeks after being released and this became the 4th most watched film of Netflix 2023 you can enjoy this in English on netflix

On no 3rd movie Adam Sandler’s super-duper hit movie’s sequel- ‘Murder mystery 2’ is on 2nd no. Adam Sandler and Netflix have a long history in the starting days of Netflix, his movies took the craze of Netflix on a much higher level released in March 2023, we see the story of those funny characters in this sequel many weak points can be found in this film but if you’re a fan of Adam Sandler’s comedy then just like the first film, you’ll have fun watching the second one The film created a ruckus as soon as it was released streamed 91.31 Million hours In First 4 Weeks Only and this became the 3rd most watched Netflix film in 2023 on no.

On no. 2 we have the sequel of the record breaking movie we talked about on no.7 released in June 2023, ‘Extraction 2’ in this sequel the story is not so much great but the action is very good and even better than the last part it’s chase sequences and long take action scenes are mind blowing this is April to June 2023 data but if we add data of the first week of July then ‘Extraction 2’ could have been the most-watched movie of this quarter but it was streamed for 148.1 million hours till June’s end and it remained in 2nd position this is available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, in every language on Netflix and with this, the wait is over because the time has come to know the most watched film on Netflix in 2023 on no.

On no. 1 we have, Jennifer Lopez’s ‘The Mother’ released in May 2023 a deadly assassin who is also a mother and this mother will cross every limit to save her daughter according to me, this movie brings disappointment in itself but if you want to watch an action movie for time pass then that’ll work Netflix users go insane when an action movie is released that is why even this normal movie is watched for 229.3 million hours in the first 4 weeks this is available in Hindi, Tamil , Telugu, you can watch this at your own risk.

Will meet again in the next Blog, till then JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT eat, have fun, watch movies and stay cool.