With the growing importance of Hybrid Events in the event industry, it’s getting increasingly important to get the hang of all that comes along. The process of organizing a successful hybrid event goes a long way and there are a lot of things that you need to take care of in order to ensure the efficacy of your event. For example, audience engagement is one of the most significant aspects of an event that can either take it to the heights of success or bring it to the lowest bottom. The event experience of your audience can certainly determine the performance and ROI of your event. 

One such aspect is choosing the most suitable Hybrid Event Platform. Bringing your target audience from across the world and that too in different formats is a great responsibility. However, choosing the right hybrid event technology can bring you a lot closer to success. Based on your needs and wants, prefer a platform that provides you with all the top facilities and features.

An advanced platform like Dreamcast can ensure seamless execution of your event along with incorporating all the significant event aspects together. 

In this blog, we will explore the most important tips you should focus on while choosing a Hybrid Event Platform. Let us begin by comprehending the basics of a Hybrid Event.

What is a Hybrid Event?

As the name clearly suggests, a hybrid event is a productive format of hosting and managing events that brings the best of two different setups together, namely ‘online & on-site.’ In simple words, a hybrid event refers to the event where the on-site event is also attended by virtual attendees from their global remote locations.

The crucial advantage of a Hybrid event is, you can simultaneously reach a large number of target audience or participants irrespective of their diverse locations. 

Although the process might sound bizarre, the fact that a hybrid event comes with the most valuable advantages stands above everything. Another great benefit of organizing a hybrid setup for your event is, you get to minimize your expenses while maximizing the ROI. Isn’t that exceptional! 

Let us move ahead to explore the top steps involved in choosing the right Hybrid Event Tech.

7 Steps to Choose the Most Suitable Hybrid Event Platform

1 Set Clear Goals

Defining clear goals and aims is the most important step to begin the process of opting for the right virtual event platform for your event. By determining the precise goals of your event, you can move ahead to determine the requirements based on the same. Ask yourself the following questions to comprehend your goals and requirements better:

  • What do you wish to achieve from the event?
  • How wide is your target audience?
  • Do you want to reach a global audience at the event?
  • How will you promote and market your event?
  • What are the engagement tools you want to include in your hybrid event?
  • How efficient should the networking tools be at your event?

2 Define Your Budget

It is important to calculate the budget of your event based on your requirements, wants, and needs. By determining the budget of your event through calculated expenses and costs, you can further approach the virtual event platform that suits your needs the best. Dreamcast is a hybrid event platform that provides you with top features and tools based on your needs and requirements. 

3 Determine the KPIs for Your Event

KPI refers to the key performance indicators of your hybrid that will help you understand the efficiency of your event strategies and experience. You have to decide which are the most significant KPIs for your event. The next step is while choosing an event platform, you can ask the hybrid event service providers if their platform is well-equipped with the features you need. 

4 Ensure a Smooth User Experience

It is significant to make sure that the user experience of the hybrid event platform you choose is easy to understand and navigate for your online attendees. A seamless and smooth platform can maximize the engagement and interactive prospects of your event. The features of an advanced platform would be pointless if your audience doesn’t find it easy to navigate and use them.

5 Comprehend the Networking Prospects

Networking is an important aspect of any corporate event. Your audience usually looks forward to maximizing their reach by generating leads and networking with other participants at the event. While networking can be easy for your on-site attendees, it can be a difficult task for your virtual attendees to network. Hence, understand your networking needs and choose the platform that helps you fulfill your goals. Following are some of the top networking tools provided by Dreamcast:

  • B2B Meeting Scheduler
  • Business Card Exchange
  • Networking Tables
  • AI Matchmaking
  • Networking Lounge
  • Gamified Networking

6 Ensure the Security Aspects

While organizing a corporate hybrid event, there is a lot of data exchange and accumulation that holds great importance for the company. From attendee details to the presentation data, every aspect of the event can have a security concern. There have been a lot of cases where important event files were accessed by a third party and misused. Dreamcast is one of the best platforms that not only provide you with end-to-end support but also properly secured features that saves you from all technical glitches. Therefore, it is also significant to ensure that the hybrid event platform you choose is well secured and provides top-notch data security. 

7 In-Person and Virtual Aspect Event Analytics

Event analytics is one of the best ways to determine the event results. An efficient virtual event platform renders you with countless valuable event data that can help you at so many aspects of your Hybrid event. From registration data & attendee footprint to different event hotspots & attendee interactions, everything can be recorded and shared with you by the hybrid event technology. The platform also renders you with the proper event analytics that can help you with assistance while planning your future events.

Looking forward to hosting a successful Hybrid Event? Contact Dreamcast and book a hybrid event demo today!