These days, the best phones aren’t the latest flagship models that command a premium price. Another genre of smartphones – the mid-range phones – offers killer specifications at a lower price, gaining mass appeal.

One such phone is the OppoF19 Pro plus, priced under 25000. As one of the latest additions to Oppo’s impressive lineup of phones, this mid-budget phone is a famous preference due to its impeccable design,  loaded specifications and futuristic features. It is the perfect example of Oppo’s commitment to bring innovative flagship technology within reach of more users. 

If you are planning to settle for the OppoF19 Pro Plus, you can be assured of experiencing the ultimate smartphone experience ever. And with the 7 below suggestions, you will be able to operate and harness the benefits of this latest phone:

Make the most of the AI Highlight Portrait video

Oppo smartphones have always stood out in the battleground for phones, and one of the prime reasons is their unique camera technology and distinctive modes. With video graphy gaining momentum, especially with Gen Z users and shutterbugs, the all-new AI Highlight Portrait feature on the OppoF19 Pro plus is sure to have a dedicated fan following.

When you turn on this feature, you will not have to worry about shooting conditions and capture high-definition videos anytime. The Ultra Night video feature is another game-changer for shooting low-light videos with a 26% increase in brightness and 35% better saturation. The ‘Focus Lock’ option lets you freeze objects like sporting events, wildlife, or young kids for blur-free imaging.

Capture the night sky to perfection

Oppophones have a creative assortment of features, and one of the most refreshing camera’s features on the Oppo F19 Pro plus is the Night Plus mode. You can opt for – Astral and Dazzle modes here, both of which impart a touch of magic and unmatched clarity to mundane nighttime images. Throw in a bunch of ultra-modern night filters, and you have a camera phone in the OppoF19 Pro plus, which can really ‘Flaunt your Nights’.

Optimised battery life

A 4310mAh capacity battery fuels the smartphone, and the super fast 50W Flash charge is another compelling feature that won’t fail to impress anyone. With the onset of 5G technology, one can expect increased power consumption on all phones. However, OPPO has rightfully packed in several battery-centric features to ensure the Oppo F19 Pro plus never runs dry.

For instance, the Super Nighttime Standby mode allows the phone to consume only 1.78% of the battery during preset sleep hours. By proactively enabling the Power Saving mode and monitoring battery usage on the UI dashboard, you will be able to extend the battery life of this phone.

Game Focus Mode

Are you one of those gamers who seeks a thriving mobile gaming experience? Then you got to love this new and fresh feature on the OppoF19 Pro plus. You can enjoy the most enthralling game play with notifications being blocked in this mode.

Moreover, you can also hide navigation buttons and the status bar for an interruption-free gaming session. The Game Floating Window is another helpful feature that allows you to minimise the gaming window while attending to other priorities so that you can seamlessly take off from where you started.

Focus Mode and Digital Wellbeing

As one of the pioneers of Digital well being, Oppo attempts to help users use their smartphones responsibly to ensure peak mental health. Oppo has taken special care through a dedicated ‘Focus mode’, enabling you to block notifications that impede concentration and productivity.

By opting for ‘Digital Well being and Parental Controls’ in your setting, you can temporarily disable the disturbing apps and unending notifications, multiplying your everyday productivity.

Surreal performance with the System Performance Optimiser

Powered by a MediatekDimensity 800U processor and 8GB RAM, the OPPO F19 Pro plus is a device you can always lean on for reliable performance. This phone also houses the System Performance Optimiser, which provides many ways to optimisephone performance.

The advanced feature reduces lag by 18 per cent and improves swipe responsiveness by nearly 15% compared to earlier generations of F series phones. It keeps track of the apps and dynamically clears up space to have enough real-time memory. It also can detect and diagnose app crashes and proactively address them. 

Enjoy the uber-cool ColorOS

Oppophones run on the highly-customised, efficient, intuitive, and richly-designed Android-based ColorOS. For instance, the ColorOS 11 on the OppoF19 Pro plus brings significant upgrades to sky-rocket your productivity.

Hand navigation gestures that can direct you to 2The animations and UI elements all across have been polished, with a particular focus on making everything feel smoother and more responsive. And with OPPO’s Efficiency 3.0 optimisation, there are newer ways to multitask with your phone.

To conclude:

You would have understood by now that the Oppo F19 pro plus is a keeper. It truly is a phone where engineering excellence meets sublime beauty to offer you an unprecedented experience. And if your heart is all set on this Oppophone, then head over to the Bajaj Mall.

The 8GB phone is available at a starting price of Rs 25990, which is split into manageable instalments. The no-cost EMI’s and flexible tenors are what makes the scheme unique and compelling. Don’t forget to check your pre-approved loan today.