According to Omnicore Agency, with 122 million daily active users on YouTube consuming more than a billion hours of video every day, this is one of the world’s most widely used social media platforms and search engines. Considering this golden opportunity, brands actively use YouTube as a marketing tool.

But how to drive this insane traffic to your channel?

If you have the same question for your channel, don’t worry. This blog discusses 7 promising ways to promote your YouTube channel for more views. Read this blog till the end to know what’s in store for you. 

YouTube For Your Business 

You can create a YouTube channel even if you are a business owner. It can act as a juncture to boost the growth of your business. You must know that YouTube is the second biggest search engine after Google. So there are ample chances that it can boost your business’s searchability. 

As a business owner, you can repurpose your content as YouTube videos. For example, you can use the content from your blog, infographics and podcast series and turn them into YouTube videos. This will help you bring a new perspective to your content and business; since it will become easier to understand. 

Promising Ways To Get More Views For Your YouTube Channel 

At first, dominating a platform like YouTube might seem challenging. As a YouTube Creator, you can strategize your entire channel. Have a look at the list to get viral on the platform. 

Create High-Quality Content Regularly 

Creating content regularly helps you connect with your audience. When you create high-quality content for your audience, they are more likely to trust you. We also recommend you to upload videos on a regular basis. This will help you to be in touch with your audience and create an impressive impact on them. You can consider the following pointers while creating high-quality videos for your channel. 

  • While creating content, it is important that the entire process comes as easy to you. To make things simpler, you can have a pre-written script for your videos. 
  • Choose a simple video editing tool. 
  • You can also schedule your YouTube videos, so that your subscribers get a daily dose of content from your side. 

Optimize Your Videos For Voice Search

Over the past few years, trends have said that voice search is the future of online search. With the evolving technology, people now want their content delivered without even lifting a finger. And this is where you need to Voice search. 

As a YouTube Creator, you can optimize your videos for voice search. You can keep the pointers in mind while optimizing your YouTube videos for voice search. 

  • Make your title less formal and more conversational. 
  • Use targeted keywords in the title. 

Remember that, the more your YouTube Videos are voice searchable, the more views you will gain. 

Make A YouTube Playlist

YouTube playlist is one of the most underutilized features, yet another efficient tool. Playlists appear individually in search results on YouTube as well as Google. Chances are higher that they will also appear in the suggestion section of your videos.

When you create a playlist on YouTube, your videos appear multiple times in search results. Apart from that, when you create a playlist, you can target different keywords to get maximum traction from the platform. Let’s say, for example; you have a YouTube channel dedicated to crafts. And you create a video on Art journaling, and another on Bullet journalling. You can create a separate playlist for Journaling, targeting the keyword ‘Journaling’. 

Embed YouTube Videos On Website

If you are a business owner, we know you must be wondering about increasing the engagement of your website. Videos are one of the most engaging forms of content. Leveraging the opportunity, you can embed YouTube videos on the website. 

But how would it increase the views of my YouTube videos?

When you showcase YouTube channel videos on website, it helps you gain viewership from your website visitors. Not only that, you can create YouTube videos around your product. This will help the website visitors get an insight into your product. You can use a social media aggregator tool to embed YouTube videos on the website. 

Translate Your Videos 

YouTube is a platform with worldwide access. And if you have ever toyed with the idea of getting International reach for your videos, you should consider translating your YouTube videos. It can boost the organic reach of your videos, since the area of potential audience expands. 

It is obvious that the reason for translating your videos is to be accessible to regions that speak different languages. However, the translation of videos can also be helpful for hard-of-hearing viewers. 

Use Analytics 

To make good use of analytics, you need to know what it can do for you and your channel. If you are struggling with the platform’s algorithm, you can look at the analytics and get a hold of what your ideal audience likes to watch. 

Using the YouTube Studio, a feature provided by YouTube, you can track the returning viewers, average watch time, your most watched videos, etc. You can combine all these pieces of information to create videos to your audience’s liking. 

Use Shorts 

In September 2020, YouTube launched short form videos named Shorts. And Shorts have become so popular that, Earth web has revealed, YouTube Shorts receives 15 billion views daily. 

The vertical 9:16 vertical ratio helps your videos to get discovered by the maximum audience. The micro-content takes less time to create and enables you to engage the audience on your channel. Apart from that, you can also create a teaser for your upcoming videos, notify your subscribers and create hype around it. This way, you can gain more views for your YouTube videos. 

To Bring Things To A Close 

A good YouTube channel helps the audience first. And if you own a YouTube channel, it should be its ideology. Before creating a channel, you have to figure out your ‘why’. 

Once you know the ‘why’ of creating a channel, you are now open to using the tactics mentioned earlier to get more viewership for your YouTube channel. The best part is YouTube is a flexible platform; you can create short-form videos on it, embed YouTube videos on the website, translate the videos to make them reach wider audiences, etc. 

Wish you a million views on your next YouTube video!