Vagamon is studded with knolls, scenes, pine forests, waterfalls, tea bequests, and valleys and is an engaging getaway among the best slope stations in Kerala. Spiritualist mountains, verdant grass fields, and clean air are the attractions of this slope station. The slope station has a chain of 3 excellent slopes called Thangal slope, Murugan slope, and Kurismala which gives a common religious quality and a charming feel to this goal as each of these slopes are gone by lovers of three religions consistently.


ElaveezhaPoonchira is among the best places in Kerala to watch nightfall and dawn without insect obstruction. The amazing landscape and green valleys featured by those extensive mountains are sufficiently fantastic for an excursion with spiritualist interest. As per the story, Panchali the spouse of Pandavas showered in a Pool here, the ruler of the noteworthy Mahabharata. ElaveezhaPoonchira in Malayalam specifies ‘valley where leaves in don’t fall’ and it is known as so since trees are absent around there.

Kurisumala Ashram

Kurisumala Ashram is a notable Christian journey focus and in addition religious community. The supplication region is very expansive to execute wishes and unwinding. The steers and journal cultivate keep running by the clerics here is another fascination. Kurisumala Ashram is thronged by swarms on Good Friday when a great many religious lovers from far and close get and go together the mountain holding wood crosses to establish the method for the cross.


Kuttikkanam is canvassed in tea ranches, pine woodlands, streams, cardamom estates, and slopes which overflows out an appealing appeal for an unwinding tranquil excursion at 3500 meters above ocean level. Kuttikanam once used to be the get-away goal of the regal family and Henry Baker who initially found the uniqueness of this place and he began espresso manors here which was later changed over to tea and the necessity of difficult work purchased in more individuals to Kuttikanam.

Murugan Mala

Murugan Mala is a mountain that houses a stone slice brow committed to Lord Murugan which is situated at a separation of 8 miles from Vagamon. Numerous fans look at the position each season. The temple of Master Murugan, situated on this mountain, was planned to utilize just a single stone.

Parumthupara View Point

Parumthupara has a monster shake design at Grampi known as Parunthupara arranged 1200 m over the ocean level. Ideal for climbing, this extraordinary uneven corner gives a stunning experience to both natural and additionally experience fans. Casual and quiet with a wonderful, clean breeze, this position has impediments as it is very hazardous to go past a specific range.

Vagamon Tea Estates

You can watch one of the greatest tea properties in Kerala at Vagamon. Pulikkanam Estate and MMJ Plantations are the most well-known tea homes in Vagamon. You can get approval from the Estate office and have to experience with the property scenes and this without a doubt will be an esteem time you contribute here.

Thangal Para

An outing of around five miles from Vagamon, down the Elappara way, will take you to the Thangal Para, a position of otherworldly essentialness to Muslims. Husrath Sheik Fariduddin, a Sufi holy person who is accepted to have gone to Kerala from Afghanistan around 800 decades back has a dargah here. Uroos is the most acclaimed celebration at this dargah and ic celebrated amid April with Ganjusakkar (a stunning dish).

Vagamon Pine Forest

A fake pine backwoods of more than 100 sections of land that houses more than 30 feathered creature species is the significant fascination of Kuttikkanam close Vagamon. The timberland goes under the cradle zone by the state ranger service office. Be it having a snooze in the pines or having an extensive pace through the Pines, you can overlook and unwind at this Pine Forest.

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