Healthy hair is a dream of everyone and when it comes to your child’s hair, you want a perfect look for them. Hair contributes to overall appearance and parents can improve the growth of the hair of their children. Child specialists in Lahore reveal the factors like, Age and hair types are the factors that contribute to hair growth. You should consider some important facts and know that early care of a child’s hair can help to improve hair growth.

How to Care for Your Child’s Hair?

According to pediatricians, you should check your child’s scalp more often and note down the hair growth cycle period.

Use Gentle Hair Shampoo

Parents should choose quality hair products for their kids. High contaminated shampoo and oils can damage the scalp and affect the hair growth cycle. The skin of children is sensitive and more prone to infections. Some people believe that dirty hair grows thicker. But it is a myth!

Experts say that keeping the scalp clean of your kids increases the chances of an improved hair growth cycle. The buildup of sweat, excess oil, and dirt can clog the hair follicle. Such clogged pores reduce the growth of the hair and result in thin hair.

Clogged hair follicles cause inflammation and redness in your scalp. Make sure that you use the sulfate-free shampoo for your children and rinse all the dirt from the scalp.

Brush your Child’s Hair Properly

This tip may sound like a simple practice to you but it is very effective when it comes to your child’s hair health. Detangling is crucial as it does not cause pain in the scalp and reduce the chances of hair breakage. Detangling also lowers the chances of unnecessary pain that your child may experience.

Do not go with Tight Hairstyles

Mothers often make hairstyles that pull the hair and result in hair loss. Early weak hair can affect the hair growth cycle in the future as well. Avoid making puffs, buns, and braids because these hairstyles are too tight and pull out the hair of your child.

Scrunchies with metal parts are also the reason for the hair breakage.

Condition their Hair Once a Week

Your child’s hair does not need too much conditioning but you should use conditioner at least once a week. It will help to keep their hair moisturized and make them healthy.

Do not forget to Trim Hair

Trimming is not only a solution for the adults but your children also do need the trimming once after one or two months. Excess knots and split ends can make their hair look dull. But getting rid of the split ends helps a lot to reduce the risk of hair damage.

Keep Your Hair Moisturized

When you notice the dry hair of your child, make sure that you use a moisturizer. Use styling cream or leave-in products to keep your child’s hair moisturized. Dry hair is more prone to hair breakage.

Avoid Hair Heating Tools

Parents often use heating tools for hairstyling in kids. It is not a good practice as it damages hair strands a lot and can affect hair health.

Eating for Child’s Health Hair

Make sure that your child drinks enough water as it helps to prevent dehydration.

Give your child foods that contain folic acids, such as peas, citrus fruits, etc. This kind of food helps in promoting hair growth.

Dairy products can also help to avoid hair breakage as they contain calcium and important minerals.

Keratin is an important protein that is produced by vitamin B. You can get this protein from bananas, rice, and eggs. Intake of such foods helps a lot to strengthen your hair strands.

Final Thought

Experts say that if your child experiences a slow hair growth cycle, no need to worry. You should consult a doctor or wait because it can take several months for a child to develop noticeable growth.