If you do a private job and in such a situation people make some mistakes knowingly or unknowingly. For which you have to regret later. If you already know about these things, then you can avoid them. We are going to tell 9 important things to keep in mind for people doing private jobs.

People doing private jobs should keep a knot of 9 things. There are some things that you should already know. Those whom you do not know or simply say that you do not know, then knowingly in such a way you make mistakes. Which you will regret later. Which we know in detail about-

Joining a job without Appointment Letter-

If you go somewhere to join a private job. In such a situation, you are given an appointment letter by the company. What job have you been hired for? How much will be your salary? How many days’ notice will have to be given while leaving the job? Everything is written to you, what is the service condition, etc.

If the company has not given you the appointment letter, then you should demand it. If you go to work without an appointment letter, then after working for a month or two tomorrow, they can say that you did not work here. In such a situation, you have to face a lot of difficulties in withdrawing your wages.

While joining the job, giving the original certificate to the owner/employer-

Today whenever anyone applies for a private / government job. In such a situation, educational qualification is demanded different posts. After which you are asked to bring the original certificate for document verification for your selection. The photocopy of the certificate of educational qualification that you have given. Its matching is returned to your Original Certificate immediately.

If in such a situation you have deposited the original certificate with the owner/employer while joining the job, then you may refuse to return it later.

Signed in plain paper at the instance of the owner-

Nowadays, while joining a private job, the company manager/owner has started asking for a sign on plain paper. People are also accepting illegal demands in the fear of unemployment and the desire to get a job. After which they exploit them by showing fear of signing on that plain paper.

Not only this, in many cases, they themselves write about the loan, etc. on the paper on which you have signed. After which they start exploiting you laborers even more. So avoid signing any such plain paper.

If salary is not received on completion of 30 days, then do not demand in writing-

If you work anywhere. In such a situation, you should get your salary after 30 days. Not only this but in any case, after the end of the month, there is a provision to pay your salary before the 7th to 10th. In such a situation, if the employer/company does not pay you the salary on time, then you should demand your salary in writing. For this, we can use the letter by email/speed post. Which we keep as proof that your salary is due with the employer.

If you do not ask in writing, then tomorrow they can back down and often refuse to pay salary when there are more days.

Not keeping records related to his work-

The way you keep your mark-seat, certificate, etc. during your studies. Similarly, you should keep a file related to your job, documents, experience letter, warning letter, so-cause letter, termination letter, salary slip, etc. It will come in handy someday.

Not taking your salary in the bank account-

If you take your salary into a bank account. In such a situation, even if you do not have an appointment letter, then it is easy for you to prove that you have worked with such a company/owner. So always try to make your employer pay the salary in your bank account or with the help of a cheque.

Not keeping proof of written approval while taking leave-

If you ever take leave from your job. In such a situation, there is a provision for you to apply for leave. Be careful if you take an oral leave. In such a situation, when you come back, you come to know that someone else has been hired in your place.

In this way, you can go to the labor court for this, but if you were careful earlier, then this day would not have to be seen. Make it a habit to always give the application through email while taking leave for this. Which will be with you as proof.

Trusting the master blindly-

Often the less educated laborers have to face more exploitation. When they go to a distant city to earn, the owner/contractor gives them some money every month in the name of the food (food and drink). He tells them where will you keep the money? Will keep collecting with me and collect on my way home.

In such a situation, gullible laborers fall prey to them. After which he does not give them when he has more money. Therefore, if you want to avoid cheating, then, in any case, take your money as soon as the work is over.

Not being aware of your rights and rights-

If you are going to do a private job/wage. In such a situation, you have been given some employee rights by the government. If you are not aware of which you are exploited more. It has to be followed in every shop/hotel/restaurant, fcinema house, company, factory, government, non-government department, etc. inside the country.

We publish on the blog for the awareness of the rights of all the employees. By reading you can reduce the exploitation that happens to you.