Before you shelled out your hard-earned cash on a bridesmaid dress in the past, someone undoubtedly told you, “you’ll wear this again” only for you to find the dress gathering dust in your wardrobe a few months later. Now that you are organizing your wedding, you may be wondering how to choose affordable bridesmaid dresses that are flattering to a wide range of body types and appropriate for the theme of your special day.

Do you believe that to be possible? We guarantee that it will not be difficult at all to do. Please adhere to these fashion criteria to discover on-trend bridesmaid gowns that won’t cost a lot but will make your squad feel confident even though they won’t grumble about wearing them.

1. Keep Costs in Mind

It is customary for bridesmaids to pay for their gowns, so if any of your pals have ever been to a wedding party before, they will be aware of this fact. However, a kind nudge in the right direction is never a terrible idea.

When it comes to the cost, you should make an effort to be aware of the lives of your close friends. The expenditures associated with the wedding party may quickly pile up, although the idea of a vacation bachelorette party seems like a lot of fun.

If you are concerned that the cost of attending your wedding will be too much for one or more of your bridesmaids, you can narrow your search to dresses that fall within a more affordable price range, or you can choose a color that you like and give them the freedom to choose their dress style from the rack.

Another suggestion is to follow the groomsmen’s example and consider renting the outfits for the bridesmaids. Rental services such as Rent the Runway allow your daughters to choose gowns from high-end designers in a variety of colors and designs at a much more affordable price.

2. Shade

After selecting the ideal color scheme for your wedding, the next step is to choose the perfect color scheme for the bridesmaids in your bridal party. When selecting the ideal shade for your dress, be sure to keep the following in mind.

Consider using colors such as orange or green or pastel tones of lighter colors to complement the environment. When attending more formal events in opulent settings, it is recommended that you wear more traditional colors such as royal purple or blue.

When choosing a dress color, it is essential to consider the season in which your wedding will take place. For instance, a flowery design may not be the best choice to wear during winter.

Choose an ombre effect for your gowns if the members of your wedding party have varying skin tones. This will ensure that each garment complements its complexions in the most flattering way possible.

3. Style

Dresses are designed to complement various body types in a variety of ways. You may have a bridesmaid who has a body with curves for days and another who has a body with no curves at all. Have a conversation with your bridesmaids and ask which features of their bodies they want to highlight and which features they would like to hide.

A-line dresses are flattering on almost all body shapes since they draw attention to the wearer’s waist. Dresses that include sleeves are not only fantastic for keeping your guests warm during a winter wedding, but they also hide the arms of your guests who are a little more self-conscious about showing off their arms. A wrap bridesmaid dress would also be a quick and easy fit that allows for numerous customizations to the wrap of the fabric along the body.

4. Do A Test Run

Your bridesmaids don’t want to be the center of attention, but they want to ensure they look their best on the big day. They will be subjected to extensive photography and standing in front of a room full of people. If you want to show that you respect their sentiments, the easiest way is to put on the bridesmaid dress yourself before you ask them to commit.

Does it have a cut that is not flattering? Is the material irritating to the touch? Does it become tough to move about due to the silhouette? Proceed to the next step if you answered yes. When you locate one you want to wear yourself, it won’t be difficult to persuade your friends to get in on the trend with you.

Wrapping Up

It’s common practice to utilize accessories to tie together the look of the bridesmaid dresses when there’s so much variety available to choose from when it comes to the dresses themselves. Shoes and jewelry aren’t the only things that might be considered accessories these days. It is possible to equip bridesmaids with a wide variety of items that either match or complement one another.