Tourmaline, also known as Verdelite is one of the most powerful and effective healing gemstones that work miraculously to channelize the energy in body towards the heart chakra.

A crystallite silicate mineral that belongs to the complex family of aluminium borosilicate, it is mixed with various other metals like iron and magnesium depending upon the their total proportion on the basis of size and the caret size of tourmaline jewelry.

The presence of such metals in tourmaline lend diverse colorations that ranges across red, pink, yellow, brown, black, green, blue or violet.

1. The Meaning and Symbol of Tourmaline

In 1952, the National Association of Jewellers deemed pink tourmaline as an “October Gemstone”. Alike opal jewelry that also tends to be the lucky charm for those born in the auspicious month of October, tourmaline jewelry is also vibrant and comes across a variety of colour range.

From a symbolic point of view, this heart-appealing gemstone is an epitome of creativity, wisdom and positive insights of mind. Precious blue hue tourmaline carries a divine power within themselves that emanates a charismatic energy of calmness, peace and serenity.

For those who are following the path of spirituality, wearing a positively charged tourmaline pendant could be extremely beneficial. 

Its spiritual vibrations harmonize with the positive energies lingering around the surroundings. Eventually, it is able to open-up the heart-chakra of the body which let the wearer to feel the divine and the supreme power of love and affection.

A poor alignment of heart chakra can compel us to feel being controlled and dominated in a relationship which hampers personal growth and peace of mind. Such chaos in the mind fosters an agitated response to all the external stimuli around us. 

The crystal green energy of the Green Tourmaline Jewelry can steer the heart-chakra to a stable and aligned state. This not only helps us to develop a better and stable emotional understanding, but makes us feel connected to our other half.

2. The Green Tourmaline Jewelry

Beautiful and exquisite green tourmaline quartz jewelry is one of the most alluring extension, with top-notch colour grading of tourmaline jewelry.

Wearing green tourmaline jewelry attracts immense good fortune, success, wisdom and wealth in the life of the wearer. Besides opening up doors of lucrative opportunities, it accelerates the manifestation of materialistic goals. 

Adorn yourself with exquisite and magnificent green tourmaline quartz jewelry. From that alluring and glittering Green tourmaline quartz ring to that shimmering piece of green tourmaline quartz pendant, every penny spent would bless you with 10x healing and divine properties.

3. How to Wear Green tourmaline Quartz Jewelry?

With a high ornamental value, wearing green tourmaline gemstone holds significance both for men and women.

Green Tourmaline Guide for men

Green tourmaline primarily empowers the masculine energy of men. It divine and mystical powers plays a dominative role in transforming a boy to a grown up and men.

  • Green Tourmaline gemstone boosts up the courage and valour in men
  • It regulates sexual desires and improves sexual performance
  • It lends an attractive physique to men 
  • For those who are athletes, it increases their stamina and endurance
  • A stable and intact health of the reproductive system
  • It harmonizes the masculine traits with the feminine energy for a successful and long-lasting relationship.

Green Tourmaline Guide for women

This powerful and miraculous gemstone leaves no stone unturned to bestow the feminine energy with its transformational powers.

  • It promotes a better hormonal health
  • It protects the body against conditions like PCOD and other hormonal imbalances
  • It improves the stamina and strengthens body and the soul
  1. Miraculous Benefits of Wearing Green Tourmaline Gemstone 

1. It Drives the Chakras Towards Alignment

By channelizing the untapped energy in the body, green tourmaline gemstone re-position the chakras of the body to a aligned position.

The energy released by the chakras on attaining alignment have some prolific benefits for the physical as well as the mental health.

It also tend to increase focus, peace of mind and drive the person towards enlightenment and self-awareness.

2. It Protects the body and Soul from Negative Energy

An epitome of radiating positivity, adorning yourself with a green tourmaline quartz jewelry would shield your mind, body and soul collectively from negative energy or any devilish force that could potentially harm you.

Besides, it also transforms your attitude towards optimism and let you see the solution in the problem itself.

3. It Strengthens the Immune System

Green Tourmaline cleanses and strengthens the nervous system, allowing it to carry more Spirit force.

In addition to it, green tourmaline also lends some exemplary health benefits. The foremost being quick recovery from arthritis and protection from liver infection.

Some other potential benefits of adorning yourself with green tourmaline quartz jewelry are:

  1. It Enhances positivity and creativity in the mind
  2. It increases physical strength and mental toughness
  3. It protects the mind from geopathic stress
  4. It relives anxiety and depression
  5. It also reduces the vulnerability to electromagnetic pollution
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