India is always recognized as a popular tourist destination! It has undulating nature, remarkable monuments, architectural examples that fascinated the tourists. With the development of various impeccable services and opportunities regarding education, research, and marketing, foreigners never want to miss those golden chances.

Be it for anything, entering the Indian subcontinent is not so easy. As per Government norms, you have to be an India Visa holder to obtain approval of visiting India. Here you can know about the ways to follow to apply for it successfully. Go through them once.

Indian E-Tourist Visa: A detailed look

Before delving into the steps, it is necessary to know a few sentences about Indian E-Tourist Visa. It was 1st January of 2010 when the Indian Government introduces this scheme for foreigners to own a Visa to arrive in India. Within 4 years, 11 countries thereafter follow this trend.

On 24th November 2014, the Indian Government develops the Visa system with the introduction of the Electronic Travel Authorisation acronym ETA. In this procedure, a citizen of other countries can apply for an online Visa to seek permission of visiting India. Along with time, this procedure has undergone a number of developmental phases to provide reliable service to the people.

Different countries even incorporate this development. From April 2017, 161 countries have been included in this scheme. Thence, the people of those countries can apply for a Visa to visit India. E-Visa has been further classified according to the purpose of visiting India such as E-Medical Visa, E-Business Visa, and E-Tourist Visa.

The eligible candidates to apply for an Indian E-Tourist Visa

If you are a citizen of any among the enlisted 161 countries then, you can apply for it. But if you have your family roots or residence in Pakistan, then you are not eligible for it, though enlisted for the one. In such a case, you have to apply for the standard Tourist Visa to seek approval for your visit to this country.

Now let’s check the steps to apply for the India E-Visa in the following:

It is the very first step you have to follow for obtaining E-Tourist Visa for India. If you are a citizen of among the enlisted 161 countries and a resident of any of them, you can apply for it. Indian Government will not provide these facilities for the citizen of any other countries. In such cases, you have to apply for the standard Visa.

Step-II: What are the priorities of the application?

Some priorities are essential to consider for applying for the E-Visa for the Indian Subcontinent. It includes a scanned picture of your passport’s bio page that comprises the photograph and personal details. Any invitation letter from the Indian citizen or resident is required though optional. If you are planning to visit there for a tour, then no invitation letter required.

The photographs which have to be uploaded must possess the following:

It mustn’t contain any border
The scanned page should be within 10KB to 300KB and of course, converted to PDF format
Background with no shadows and of white or any plain colour
Photos must be of JPEG format and within 10KB to 1MB of size
The photo will be of the face with no spectacle and opened-eyes

Step-III: Create an online account and register online

After filling the application form, you have to create an online account in Indian Visa Online. After that, follow the basic preparation procedure to share all the essential pieces of information to submit the application. You can even examine the status of the application to know the approval of obtaining the Indian E-Visa.

Step- IV: Take the basic preparation

Many people are living with the wrong concept that applying online for E-Visa is complex. Once you have compiled the necessary documents then the basic preparation will be done without being hassled. The basic preparation includes,

Registration of the online services
Apply online by filling the online application form
Attach copies of passport-sized photo and passport
Attach the copy of the Invitation letter (if any)
Make the payment of the application fee

Step-V: Submit the application form

Once you have completed the filing of the application form, you have to click on submit. Remember that the submission of the application will be successful only when you pay the consequent cost of the Tourist Visa India application form. Moreover, the cost of the application form varies from one country to another. It is generally developed by the reciprocal relationship of the resident country along with India.

Step-VI: Keep patience for its result

After complete submission of the application form to obtain E-Visa you will receive the application ID. With the help of this ID, you can check the result status. Basically, the result will consume 3 to 5 working days. If it is approved it will show Granted against your application ID. Otherwise, you cannot visit this nation.

While you set out to apply for an Indian E-Visa, make sure that you strictly adhere to these steps. It will ensure the submission of your application perfectly and enhances the chance of getting approved.