The demand for Shot Blasting Machine Suppliers in India will keep expanding, and how customers decide the suitable gear for their businesses is closely proportional to the quality, process efficiency, and operating cost.

Therefore, let’s first explain a blasting machine before we analyze its types.

What is a shot-blasting machine?

It is a closed apparatus used for blasting operations to polish and prep exterior surfaces, including metal, rock, and many others.

To eliminate surface rust, soldering debris, and descaling from metal components and render them homogeneous, shining, and improve the coating thickness of anti-rust chemicals, they blast the elements in a confined chamber.

What kinds of materials are suited for shot blasting?

Shot blasting is a strong type of abrasive blasting that is often used on durable material. Metals including aluminium, stainless steel, iron, steel, titanium, and others are typically used for these.

There are many different kinds of shots available, and choosing the perfect one can assist ensure that the content is appropriately regulated and completely suitable for the desired use. These are mainly made of steel, which ensures a high level of compliance and lasting reliability.

Why is shot blasting preferred over alternative techniques?

Shot blasting is also termed Dustless Blasting since it generates considerably less debris than sandblasting and is considerably more environmentally sustainable. The residue particles released during the impacting procedure stay within the chamber when utilizing shot blasting equipment, safeguarding the environment.

Shot Blasting Machine Manufacturers in India are always focusing on how the process can be made even more environmentally friendly. Surface International is devoted to the same cause and is coming up with high-end products.

What benefits does shot-blasting offer?

  • Shot Blasting is cost-effective since it is rapid and accurate.
  • Very little or no damage is done to the surface while polishing and levelling a metal surface.
  • Shot shooting is the most preferred approach for cleaning or preparing diverse metal surfaces and parts since it can be utilized with a range of abrasive materials.
  • Effectively helps to smooth a rough surface and roughen a flat finish.

Types of Shot Blasting Machines:

There is a wide variety of blasting machines, and different industries use them. The various types of shot-blasting equipment are listed below.

  • Track-type shot-blasting machine

It is suited for surface cleansing and strengthening of collision-resistant parts.

  • Hook type

It is majorly used for die casting, forging and small to medium-sized casting elements. It is best suited for surface cleaning and hardening of steel structural components manufactured from castings, forgings, and small batches of various steel types.

  • Rotary

Small and medium-sized workpieces like engine joints, gears, diaphragm hinges, etc. can be hardened or have their surfaces cleaned using a rotary type. This is particularly the case for cleansing flat and collision-resistant work elements.

  • Trolley-type

The slewing operation can be achieved by the trolley. This equipment can be used to shot-blast a variety of big castings, forgings, and internal structures.

  • Trolley-type combined cleaning machine

Just one cleaning chamber is required since the trolley not only spins but also holds the workpiece and provides for thorough cleaning of the item. In contrast to traditional cleaning equipment, the footprint is low and the energy usage is minimal.

It is extensively used in the casting, forging, and mechanic steel industries for cleaning big steel structural parts, castings, and forgings.

  • Hook pass type

The hook type has the characteristics of a good cleaning impact and high performance, and it is used for cleaning large structural components, castings, etc.

  • Catenary

To eliminate sticking dust on the work piece’s surface as well as rust, scale, filth, etc., a catenary type is designed for small and medium shot blasting cast iron components, steel castings, forgings, and stampings needed.

  • Roller pass type

Metal plates, steel segments, steel rods, metal structural forgings, steel products, railway vehicles, heavy machinery, bridge building, etc. are all suitable materials for this machine’s use in surface descaling and stress relief.

It is the model that is most frequently employed.

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Safety precautions to be used while using the machine:

Over the years, a lot of injuries have been caused by inadequate blast area protection during a blast activity.

One must always use extreme caution when using equipment since, as the expression goes, prevention is better than cure. Here are some of the fundamental safety measures.

  • Educate shot blasters and team members on blasting potential hazards, application of the switches and the controls, industry standards for ensuring personal hygiene, and safe working practices.
  • Shot blasting is a somewhat loud process. Consequently, both the individual launching shots and anyone near should use ear protection, such as earplugs or ear muffs.
  • Wear eye safeguards at all times, such as eyeglasses or goggles. This reduces the risk of material pieces entering the eyes, which in the worst-case situation would eventually lead to vision loss.
  • Everyone in the room must wear a mask when shot blasting is being done to prevent inhaling hazardous particles.
  • To avoid significant injury should the skin come into direct contact with the abrasive blasting material, shot blasters should wear safety clothing, such as gloves and long sleeve garments.

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