In the times when internet scams and frauds are at their peak here comes the role of Ethical Hackers. You can join an Ethical Hacking online course to get hands-on experience. Ethical Hackers pass through the various systems and computers in search of their weaknesses or any dangers from the outside system which can directly attack our data, our financial data can get leaked and can cause big damage.

Several popular examples of ethical hacking include: cracking passwords through different procedures, penetrating networks, or dislocating network services.

3 important pointers one should pay attention to in the domain of ethical hacking.

  1. The ethical hacker should have written and authentic permission to analyze the network and when the person is trying to make changes in the security settings.
  2. The ethical hacker should value the privacy of the business or individual he/she is working for.
  3. It is mandatory for an ethical hacker to win the trust and faith of the clients he/she is working for by assuring them the privacy of their data.

A question comes up in our heads that why we should use ethical hacking? One can also wonder sometimes what can be a legitimate reason to build his/her career in this Ethical Hacking arena?

Well to answer this question we need to focus on certain points:

  • In these dynamic times when technology is changing at a very high-speed risk are also growing. Similarly, the danger of a cyberattack is at its highest. Cyberattacks can cause a lot of damage to the small companies who have just established themselves and are not prepared to fight with such grave dangers that lie in front of them. This is one of the important reasons to take up an ethical hacking online course to stave off any future threats.
  • Secondly, we need more ethical hackers in the industry because they are good at detecting the possible threats or dangers present in our systems. Ethical hackers can easily prepare for future attacks and warn us so that we can shift our data to a different space.
  • To keep our data secure we need to update our security systems from time to time. An ethical hacker works for the same and helps to maintain safety.
  • Pointing out the weaknesses of your systems is done best by an ethical hacker. That is why ethical hacking is important.

A Curtain-raiser to Ethical Hacking

  • Ethical Hacking is a technique to discover susceptibilities in a system or a computer. It helps to highlight the threats in the systems for example a virus in the computers.
  • Hacking is a process through which a foreign authority gets access to our systems without our permission for fulfilling their bad intentions.
  • Ethical Hackers is also popularly identified as a white-hat hacker or simply a white hat. This whole process was first started in the 1980s in the USA.
  • Everyone cannot just become an ethical hacker. Learn Ethical Hackingproperly. There are several techniques of ethical hacking.

Quick tips and techniques an ethical hacker must follow includes:

  • When an ethical hacker is finding the weaknesses he/she should first scan ports. Some of the port scanning tools include Nmap, Wireshark which will help an ethical hacker to scan the weaknesses on every port and can work efficiently towards solving the problem.
  • The second process is the patch installation used by an ethical hacker. This process helps to prevent the new weaknesses that can come up in the system when the software is getting updated.
  • Network trafficking inspection can be done with the help of various tools. It can be one of the promising strategies in the method of ethical hacking.

Types of Ethical Hacking

There are 3 types in which ethical hacking can be divided:

  1. White Hat Hackers
  • These are known as hackers who have good intentions. And are functioning for an objective that will not cause any damage to anyone or any private or confidential documents.
  • They carry out procedures to make sure that the vulnerability present in a system can be analyzed adequately.
  • In today’s challenging world multinational companies are in search of more White hat hackers so that the companies can hire them and can retain their security.
  1. Black Hat Hackers: 
  • This is the second type of Ethical Hackers that are considered as bad. Because they do not take any permission or follow any guidelines before penetrating a system. Black hat hackers are unethical.
  • Their intentions are also bad. They hack systems to get access to important personal data illegally for then they misuse it.
  1. Grey Hat Hackers
  • This is the third type of ethical hacking which combines components of both white box hacking as well as black box hacking.
  • If we try to understand what grey hat hackers do well it is a little difficult for us to understand what they want or what their intentions are in general. We cannot be certain about their motives and goal.
  • But one thing is certain that their penetration purposes are for leisure. They try to experiment with security through various distinct ways but without taking any permission from the owner.
  • A fun fact about Grey hat hackers is that they are available more in the market than the rest of the two types.

How to become an Ethical Hacker successfully?

If a person aspires to become an ethical hacker he/she should join an ethical hacking online course to get comprehensive training and an apt skill-building process can be done.

There are various certifications that one can complete and within no time one can become a certified ethical hacker. Get yourself enrolled in an ethical hacking online course and become a certified Ethical Hacking.

Some Core level certifications include:

  • Certified Network defender
  • Certified ethical hacker
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (Practical)
  • Certified Ethical Hacker (Master)

Some advanced level certifications include:

  • Certified Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

Expert level certificate

  • Licensed Penetration Tester – Master

Why should one choose Ethical Career as their future career?

  • Some international companies are demanding ethical hackers for example Hamilton, Booz, Allen, etc.
  • Aspirants who are genuinely interested in hacking can even work in different sectors as well for example finance sector, hotels, airlines, and many more.
  • If you passed an undergraduate degree in computer science then you are eligible to become an ethical hacker easily. No other pre-requirements are required to become an ethical hacker. If you have this one degree you are good to go.
  • Ethical hacking is an ever prospering field. New opportunities and roles will continue to spring up in the future also. People have a good chance to come into this field and can change their career’s future for good. You can enroll yourself in anlearn Ethical Hacking to get an understanding in detail with the help of real-time projects.