Accounting and finance is a course that clears your concepts on the topics related to business, money, and management, and assists you in your careers. Accounting is the analysis of information for different business parts, whereas finance is related to business money matters.

Why to study accounting and finance?

If you love maths and wish to use it in business, then going for an accounting course is an ideal decision for you.

While studying for the course, you will get to enjoy:

  • Good graduate schemes and prospects: You will get a chance to work with a well-established company and get structured training.
  • Scope of working in any industry: Every company and sector needs someone to look after its numbers.

Jobs you can get as an accounting and finance graduate

Once you complete your accounting course, you will find yourself working with companies that often come under the heading of Big5.

These companies hire thousands of people for departments like accounting, auditing, etc., but they have very strict standards. Insurance companies and banks also employ such professionals in large numbers.

Roles included by the degree are:

  • Accounting technician
  • Chartered Accountant
  • Forensic Accountant
  • Investment Banker
  • Stockbroker
  • Tax Advisor
  • Actuary
  • Data Analyst
  • Economist
  • Retail banker

Once completed with the accounting course, people are often employed by other companies, or self-employed or study further. The salaries earned by these people vary based on the level of their skills and experience.

Qualifications required

Some courses will require an A level in mathematics while some will ask for maths or science-related subjects.

The eligibility for accounting courses changes from institution to institution, therefore makes sure to check before applying to anyone.

Degrees you can get while studying.

  • Degrees that you can get after completing an accounting course include:
  • BA Hons Accounting
  • BA Hons Finance
  • BA Hons Accounting & Finance

Integrated courses commonly come with Accounting & Finance with Economics, Accounting & Finance with Mathematics and, Accounting & Finance with Business.

Ways of assessment

The assessment is generally done through, course work, written exams, presentations, and assessments.

Course one can opt for after the graduation is complete.

The courses offered by institutions after graduation are:

  • The courses offered by the institutes are:
  • MA in Accounting & Finance
  • MSc Accounting & Finance
  • Pre-Masters Accounting
  • PgDip in Business Management and Accounting

Tips for studying for accounting courses:

Whenever we start a course, we keep thinking and searching for tips to prepare for the course. We have some best tips for you to complete your accounting course:

  • Read your Textbook

Studying accounting is different from other subjects. To understand what is going on in the next chapter, you need to be very clear on the previous chapter’s concepts.

You need to understand why a concept is the way it is and put it in your own words to see if you have understood it completely.

Once done with the concept, you also need to understand how these concepts work. You need to know how they are applied in different accounting scenarios.

  • Work on Homework Problems

The best way to learn to account is to solve the problems given in the books. You need to read and understand the problem and try to grasp what is being asked.

Once you have understood the problem, you need to try and solve it without taking the help of your books. Always keep up with the class and make sure not to lag.

Always ask the question you have in mind. Do not hesitate to put your hand up and clear the doubts that you have.

  • Prepare for exams

Even the smartest student sometimes makes silly mistakes in exams. Therefore, always make sure to focus on very important areas.

Take a textbook and start solving the homework mentioned in there. Be sure to do it without the help of the book’s concept and see how many of them can you get right.

Instead of trying to memorize it, try to learn and understand the concept.

Final Words

Accounting courses can help you achieve your dreams, especially if the dream is to work in a big and reputable institution. It can sometimes be tough, but with the help or the right resources and following the right tips, anything can be done. If you are an accounting aspirant and looking for an accounting course feel free to get in touch with Munimji.