Welcome to my blog AllIndiaEvent, in which today’s topic is Agarbatti Making Business Idea (How to do Agarbatti Business), in which we will learn about all the small and big difficulties related to the business of Agarbatti sticks and Its solution will also be told in this.

In our country, incense sticks are needed for all kinds of work related to religious and social work. Agarbatti is a sacred item for our society, which is required in almost every household, due to which the demand for incense sticks is continuously increasing to meet this demand. To do this, it is necessary to do an incense stick business, many people are trying their hand at this business, and there are small companies as well as big companies in this market.

Incense Sticks Making Business Idea

Apart from social and religious works, incense sticks have also been used in many works. Incense sticks are aromatic as well as insecticide. There are many benefits of lighting incense sticks, it always spreads positivity in the house and bad thoughts never enter the mind. Therefore, due to the high importance of incense sticks, there is a huge demand for them in the market, so let us know how you can do the business of incense sticks.

How To Start Agarbatti Business?

Friends, before starting the business of incense sticks, make a plan by researching all the small and big precautions related to the business of incense sticks and work on the plan made by you. To do the business of incense sticks, mainly you should know how to make incense sticks. If you do not know how to make incense sticks, then you cannot do the business of making incense sticks, so you should know the method of making them. Along with this, you should look for an employee who knows how to make incense sticks and is skilled in running the incense sticks-making machine smoothly.

Make Agarbatti Business Plan

Friends, to make any business successful, it is necessary to make a business plan and plan, only through which you can make your business successful in the market.

How To Do Market Research On Incense Sticks?

Before starting a business in the market, it is necessary to do market research about what is the value of that business in the market and what is the earning of that business, as well as who is doing that business in the market and at what cost level. And what kind of machines would be needed for that as well as how the machines work. You should have all this complete information, only then think about starting your business.

Choosing A Place For Incense Stick Business

After doing all kinds of plans, schemes and market research, choose a place for your business. Because a good location is enough to make a business successful, you should make every effort to find a good location.

Talking about the space for the incense stick business, you should have 1000 to 1200 square feet of space. So that you can easily assemble the machine and keep it in its place, it is necessary to have a large open space for drying the incense sticks after they are made.

How To Make Incense Sticks

Friends, in the business of making incense sticks, you have to do the business of making and selling incense sticks, for which you should know how to make and make different types of incense sticks, as well as keep complete knowledge of the process of making incense sticks and also teach your employees so that your business I don’t have any problem. do not come

License To Start Agarbatti Business

Friends, if you want to start any small or big business by staying in India, then you have to take a license for that business, without a license, you cannot do the business of making incense sticks. If you do this business without a license, then no one will take your product to the market and if caught, you may be fined heavily. Agarbatti business should be done with a buyback agreement. The license required to start an agarbatti business is –

  • Business License
  • Gst Registration
  • Epf Registration
  • Population Certificate

Where To Get The Raw Material For Making Incense Sticks?

Friends, the raw material used for making incense sticks is easily available from the local market, apart from this, you can buy and use incense sticks or incense sticks used in incense sticks from the market, otherwise, you can make it and use it. For which you have to manage the stick-making machine. The raw sesame used in making incense sticks is –

  • Bamboo Sticks
  • Raw Bamboo Sticks
  • Packaging Material
  • Powder Of Different Colors
  • Sandalwood Oil
  • Aroma Etc.

Agarbatti Making Machine

Friends, if you want to do a large-scale incense business, you will need a machine for that. You cannot do the business of incense sticks without a machine. There are different types of agarbatti-making machines in the market, out of which you can choose and use the machine according to your budget and advanced machine.

Agarbatti Manufacturing Business – In the market, you get mostly two types of machines first manual and second automatic, both machines are best in their own right, the only difference is that in the automatic machine, you do not need to work much, it is necessary to start the machine. After that, it works automatically. And in the manual machine, you get a walking system which can work even without power and will give you a higher level of production.

How Much Stock Of Incense Sticks Should Be Kept

Talking about the stock of incense sticks, it depends on your business, if your business is running smoothly in the market, then you can keep the stock according to the demand of your customers and meet the shortage at the time of need. ,

Total Cost In Agarbatti Business

If you want to do the business of making incense sticks on a large scale, then you will need big machines, which can cost you up to 2 to 3 lakhs, apart from packaging, electricity, water and salary of employees etc. For that also you will need big machines.

If you have taken the place on rent, then its rent is different and its own, then it may seem less to you, but if we talk about the total budget, then it may cost you around 4 to 5 lakhs.

Net Profit In Agarbatti Business

If you want to earn money by doing business sitting at home, then you can do business of incense sticks, in this, you get profit according to your production and customer demand. If your agarbatti production is 100KG per day then you can easily earn 1500 to 2000 per day but if your production is more than 500KG then you can extract profit per day.