The need for blood components is increasing year after year as the world’s population expands. And ensuring that a safe and appropriate supply of blood and blood products is available to meet this demand is one of society’s top objectives. There is no substitute for human blood, and supply is solely dependent on voluntary donations, which never fully fulfill demand. This shortage, along with the short shelf life of blood components, makes it impossible for blood centers across the country to build stockpiles and have more than a few days’ worth’s of supplies on hand to satisfy typical transfusion requests. Every drop of blood is vital, and blood banks cannot afford to throw away product that has been poorly stored and thus no longer meets the FDA’s, the American Association of Blood Banks’ (AABB’s), and other regulatory bodies’ strict requirements. Refrigeration advancements are critical to maintaining the usefulness of this resource. Valens has established itself as a reputable Blood Bank freezer manufacturers in India, assisting with blood preservation.

Technology for key utilization of blood

With medical and technical advancements, blood banking standards have shifted. To enhance transfusion efficacy, blood products are collected and processed according to strict guidelines in the United States. The majority of blood for transfusion is taken as whole blood (WB), or venous blood with a preservative, and then separated into distinct components by centrifugation, including red blood cells, plasma, cryoprecipitate antihaemophilic factor (AHF), and platelets. After separation, a single unit of whole blood can be transfused to several patients with varying needs. The most often transfused product is “packed red blood cells” (pRBC).

Storage relies heavily on high-performance refrigeration. WB and PRBC units must be kept at 1.0-6.0 °C for 35 and 42 days, respectively. To maintain the clotting factors, blood plasma is processed into several components and requires more stringent preparation and storage. Plasma is isolated from whole blood and deposited in a special blast freezer where it is rapidly frozen to 18 °C or colder. It’s then stored for up to a year in a plasma freezer at 30°C.

Blood bank freezers, which are critical in bringing the life-saving advantages of transfusion to patients in need, play a critical role in medical logistics by guaranteeing the timely availability of safe and effective blood components. The simplest method to do this is to keep an adequate supply of high-quality products on hand at all times, which necessitates the use of highly specialized refrigeration equipment. There are so many blood bank freezer manufacturers in India.

Design for a high-performance refrigerator and freezer

Blood bank freezers must meet all American Association of Blood Banks (AABB), American National Red Cross (ANRC), and/or FDA criteria to prevent manipulation. High-performance blood bank freezers, unlike freezers for home usage, have unique technical features:

  • The use of high-quality cabinet construction and CFC-free, thick-walled insulation helps to reduce energy consumption and maintain temperature stability.
  • Auto-defrost cycles that are time and temperature-sensitive, as well as automatic condensate removal, save equipment downtime.
  • Users can easily view and access products inside the freezer thanks to stainless steel roll-out drawers and insulated self-closing glass doors.
  • Forced air circulation is both directed and monitored helps keep temperatures consistent throughout the cabinet and ensures swift temperature recovery after door openings.

There are some of the good blood bank freezer suppliers in India. Two in-chamber temperature probes ensure compliance with blood banking standards and provide information about cabinet temperatures at multiple points. To meet FDA documentation requirements, built-in or freestanding chart recorders are also used.

Valens Technicia is an ISO and CE-certified blood bank freezer supplier in India and that has been assisting blood banks and hospitals in meeting their stringent temperature requirements for blood bags. Valens Technicia construct this Blood Bank freezer under the strict supervision of their expert personnel, utilizing the highest quality components to assure safe and convenient preservation of whole blood and blood components (ex. blood cells, plasma). This freezer is available to our valued customers at a cost-effective price. Valens Technicia is fully committed to a culture of continuous improvement, as well as building positive relationships with suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders.