Due to extreme heat, sometimes the fridge also catches fire like the AC. In such a situation, caution is very important.

Even in the month of July, the heat is very high in many places. In such a situation, we are all troubled by this heat, so to avoid this heat, we all drink cold water at home. Everyone has things like AC and fridge in their house. These days, cases of fire in AC are coming up a lot. However, due to heat, not only AC but also fridge can catch fire. To avoid this, you should take the help of some easy hacks.

It is important to protect from overheating

Most of the fires in electronics are caused by overheating. In such a situation, the fridge should be kept in a place where it can get air to cool down. In such a situation, you can protect your fridge from catching fire. In a compact place, the body of the fridge keeps getting air, so it does not heat up.

Due to voltage

There is more consumption of electricity during summer days. In such a situation, electricity often goes off for a long time. Voltage fluctuations can also cause fire in the refrigerator. In such a situation, if you want to save the refrigerator from fire, then you should use a voltage stabilizer.

Ventilation is a must

You should keep the refrigerator in an open space and not in any corner. Many people keep the refrigerator in a corner due to which the refrigerator does not get ventilation. Due to which many times the refrigerator catches fire. The compressor of the refrigerator contains flammable gas, there is a risk of fire if it gets too hot.