Today lakhs of hotels are offering online booking facilities to their guests. The Internet is full of travel websites and apps, which made the life of tourists earlier.

The Internet or technology has changed the way the hospitality or hotel industry works. Today lakhs of hotels are offering online booking facilities to their guests. The Internet is flooded with travel websites and apps, making life easier for travelers than ever before. All the information about different places, travel experiences, local culture, and trends including much more is conveniently available online.

Now in online hotel booking, tourists can not only book hotels conveniently through the Internet. On the Internet, tourists can find a wide range of hotels that not only have good service but are also budget-friendly. Online hotel booking offers tourists discount coupons and many vouchers that can be availed.

Time and money-saving

Time and money are two serious elements, which everyone always wants to use well. You do not face any problems in booking online, whereas for offline booking you have to go to the travel agent’s office. Booking online definitely brings financial benefits to travelers as online hotel bookings offer various discounts and can help them save some extra money. Although some convenience fee is levied on travel portals too, the principal amount cannot be compared with the commission charged by travel agents. In online hotel booking, no consultation fee is charged whereas, in offline booking, they have to pay the fee for the service and timing of the travel agents.

User friendly

Online Travel Agents (OTAs) can be easily used as this portal makes the process of booking hotel rooms easy for consumers. Travelers see several hotel options online, from which each person can choose the hotel according to their preferences. Here you can also compare different hotels. While booking a hotel room, a traveler takes into account many factors as the price itself cannot be a factor in comparison between different hotels. Traditional travel agents also help travelers by providing them with various options, but they cannot compete with the range online due to punctuality and other trust issues.

Experts Advice

The employees working in Online Travel Agencies (OTAs) are highly professional and have many years of experience in this industry expertise. OTAs conduct regular surveys of hotels listed on their portal and keep a close watch on the feedback and reviews given by the customers. Many of them are travelers themselves. Passengers get detailed explanations as per their requirements by sending any query on the online portal. OTAs stay in touch with the customers during the professional tour. Consumer satisfaction is of utmost importance to them. You cannot get this personalized and professional service with traditional travel agents as the agents lack expertise. He collects information about hotels located at different places from online sources, which can be done by any person himself.


Customer reviews for individual hotels are available online. This is an important feature that can help travelers choose the right hotel. Traditional travel agents have neither the time nor the resources to share such information. This forces a potential client to rely on information provided by the hotel, which can at times mislead them. Online reviews are not only about the comments of people who have stayed in a particular hotel. Apart from this, you can see photos of any particular hotel online. This is quite beneficial as the picture posted by the hotels can be misleading at times. Customer Reviews help build a community of travelers who share detailed feedback based on their travel experience.

Booking of different places

If a person plans to tour different cities, then traditional travel agents may not have contact in all countries or all cities. This limit means that travelers have to resort to two or more travel agents to book hotels at different destinations. Online travel agencies do not have such limits. With this, travelers can spend their holidays with more fun because you can book online for all the places in the online travel agency. It is a one-stop-shop for all destinations as the internet has limitless possibilities and OTAs enable you to meet your travel needs.

24 hours work seven days

Unlike traditional travel agents, the online travel booking system works throughout the day. With this, potential customers can book rooms in the hotel at any time of the day. This also increases sales as the online travel agency works beyond its working hours. According to the study, the number of hotel bookings also increases due to the availability of a round-the-clock booking facility for seven days.

Convenient payment process

Online hotel booking has also made the payment process very easy. Customers can make payments only at the time of booking the hotel. Due to this, they do not even have to spend extra money. They do not have to worry about paying after reaching the hotel. If the hotel booking does not show, then he can keep some money with him as compensation. Customers can make their payments through their Debit or Credit cards or Net Banking. If the consumer finds it convenient, then he can make half the payment in advance and the rest on reaching the hotel.

It is easy to upgrade the room

It is much easier to create, publish, promote, sell packages or addons online a package. Customers can mix these together or choose the package that they want for themselves. This also leads to an increase in revenue, while the customers get the exact package that meets their needs, according to their needs. Rooms are also usually upgraded without any hassle. The room is upgraded only after confirmation from the customer.