ILR when first I heard the word, I was confused about the term. There are many people including the UK immigrants who themselves did not understand what did Indefinite Leave to remain meant or how they can make the ILR application. Every year there are thousands of people who move to the UK and these migrants from all around the world have the dream of one-day getting British Citizenship.

However, an immigration solicitor in London can tell you and will tell you that the British immigration laws are a nightmare. Especially now that Britain is no longer a part of the European Union, the UK government has been introducing new changes in the immigration laws left, right, and center. As it has been covered by many news sites and such law firms that the British immigration laws are a minefield and it is better to ignore it altogether rather than die in it.

There many immigrants who have been living in the UK for quite a while and have often mentioned that the Home Office has been working on trying to find ways through which they can bring down the number of immigrants that enter the UK every year.

After all the changes that have been introduced in the new year that is 2021 by the Home Office, it has become increasingly difficult to obtain British Citizenship. Hence, many of the immigrants are focusing on fulfilling the conditions of Indefinite Leave to Remain application.

Before moving forward I would like to discuss what exactly do we understand by the term Indefinite leave to remain and ILR application.

Indefinite Leave to Remain is basically a type of permission that an individual receives which allows him or her to stay in the UK without any visa restrictions. Also, it has often been described as a zero level of permanent citizenship.  As an immigration solicitor London based will tell you that obtaining having your ILR application approved is a big deal as it takes you closer to the final step of you obtaining British Citizenship.  This takes away all the restrictions that are put on you as an immigrant.

So, now the next question that arises is that who can make the ILR application as in who is eligible for the same. The eligibility criteria that any immigration solicitor London based can tell you is the same as that of any other visa application. These include the following:

  1. Acceptable English Language knowledge
  2. Good Character
  3. Have to make the UK your permanent home
  4. Acceptable and ap[propriate housing and income
  5. Knowledge of life in the UK to an acceptable degree

Now, once you are aware of the eligibility criteria then moving forward you should also be aware of the requirements of money. Yeah, nothing happens without the money. So, the fees for the ILR application are another thing that you should know about. The current fees that we checked were mentioned on the Government website is £2,389. Also, if you would like to include any dependants in the application then you would have to pay extra. Currently, the additional fees per person have been set at £50. In case you want your application to be fast-tracked then you can pay an additional fee of £500 and this will get your application processed in 5 days.

So, now that you know all the eligibility requirements and the fees, are you ready to apply for ILR. No, we would recommend for you to consult an immigration solicitor London based preferably to help make your ILR application. Hiring someone can improve your chances of getting your application approved.

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