Conveyor belts that are heat resistant are ideal for transporting hot materials such as cement, steel, or sand. A conveyor belt’s cover rubber is made of a unique rubber compound with strong adhesive strength, elongation at break, and thermal protection force. Heat resistance varies when different elastomers are used. Heat-resistant conveyor belts according to DIN 22102 can transport material at a constant temperature of 200°C – and in short runs, up to 250°C.

Areas of application:

  • Chemical industry
  • Fertilizer manufacturing
  • Industry of iron and steel
  • Foundries
  • Industry of Glass
  • Industry of metalworking
  • Incineration of waste
  • Plants that make cement

A Rubber conveyor belt is a continuous moving belt that moves items or products from one location to another. In other words, this is a robust band constructed of robust, long-lasting materials that are used to transport various products. They’re built of a range of materials, including rubber compounds, leather, urethane, and PVC. Rubber conveyor belts are commonly utilized to move and process goods from one location to another in a variety of industries. They can be used for a variety of applications for media transfer. Conveyor belts are used by manufacturing, mining, and shipping businesses to manage commodities more effectively and minimize labor expenses.

Food and beverage enterprises, automobile and tire assembly, electronics, pharmaceutical and medical, printing, mail sorting, tobacco, and packaging all employ conveyor belts. There are numerous rubber conveyor belt manufacturers in India.

Conveyor belt characteristics

A variety of qualities serve as the foundation for distinguishing one type of belt from another. If traction on a conveying system is a concern, for example, a deep slotted V-belt is a preferable choice. Similarly, belt arrangement is heavily influenced by size. Belts with unusual shapes are available for specialized applications such as food processing. Some belts include elevated stoppers or blocked portions that help sort and package the food more easily. Depending on the application, selecting the appropriate belt is a crucial element of employing these systems. We can find so many Heat Resistant conveyor Belt manufacturers in India.

Conveyor belt buying advice

  • You should be aware of the belt’s required strength to meet the tension requirements.
  • Determine the minimal number of plies or carcass gauges required to guarantee that the belt has adequate load-supporting properties.
  • In light loading and empty situations, the conveyor belt should also have the appropriate trough ability qualities to aid in making excellent contact with the center idler wheel.
  • Choose a belt with sufficient impact resistance to withstand the load when it falls upon it.
  • Choose a belt with sufficient flex life to work properly around the terminal pulleys.
  • Determine the suitable conveyor belt coverings for a particular system’s material and loading circumstances.

Rubber conveyor belts types

  • Belt Conveyor for Agriculture
  • Rubber Conveyor Belt for Recycling and Recovery
  • Conveyor Belt for Food Processing

Conveyor Belts – Benefits

  • Mechanical strength is excellent.
  • The degree of adaptability is great.
  • Temperature resistance is low.
  • Abrasion resistance is excellent.
  • Chemical susceptibility
  • The amount of cleaning required is minimal.
  • Very long-lasting

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