Spirally wound inner resistance coils are uniformly strung through interlocking insulated ceramic “tiles” in Ceramic Band Heater.

The Ceramic Band’s heat comes from the inner coils, which conduct heat at high temperatures. The heated coils distribute heat uniformly to the ceramic tiles, which then radiate energy to the barrel. Ceramic Bands are available in several styles, from conventional to bespeak. There are numerous ceramic band heaters manufacturers in India. When choosing a ceramic heater, choose one that best meets the wattage needs, since this will reduce the frequency of cycling and temperature overshooting, extending the heater’s life. Reduce the overall operating wattage by around 15-20% when replacing a non-insulated heater with a ceramic band heater.

Advantages of Ceramic Band heater

Ceramic band heaters with a flexible installation, quick heat transmission, and a good insulation layer are the best. Manufacture is not subject to model requirements and size specifications of the restricted benefits. The primary advantages are as follows:

  • Insulation is included inside the barrel to prevent undesired temperature changes.
  • In comparison to other band heaters, heat is transferred by radiation, conduction, and convection, thus a precise fit is not necessary.
  • Inconsistent surfaces or a loose fit have no bearing on heat transmission.
  • They may be utilized in larger increments since they work at higher watt densities.
  • With simpler wiring, the number of bands may be decreased.
  • In comparison to other band heaters, the warmer is safer because of the colder external surface.
  • Installation and removal are simple because of the flexible design.
  • High operating temperature, quick warming up, high heat efficiency, pleasant atmosphere, and ability to set up an autonomous control system are all advantages.

Options of Ceramic band heater

  • Beads

Protective ceramic beads (encasing the lead wires) leave the ceramic termination box in this Ceramic band design.

  • Spring Relief Made of Fiberglass

Fiberglass leads are included with this Ceramic band heater. A spring relief component covers and secures the leads to the band.

  • Cable Armor

Fiberglass leads are protected with a protective armor sleeve in this Ceramic band heater design. A copper connector connects the sleeve assembly to the band.

  • Same End Post Terminals

The terminals on this Ceramic band heater type can be positioned either vertically or horizontally. The most frequent type of termination is a vertical terminal. The terminal is usually 180 degrees away from the gap. When placing your order, specify which option you want. We can buy from ceramic band heater suppliers in India.

  • Screw with a spring-loaded head

Spring-loaded clamps are used in the design of this Ceramic band heater to allow for flexibility during metal thermal expansion.

  • T-Box

The Ceramic T-Box band heater’s design provides exceptional terminal protection. The knock-out holes in the T-box make wiring a breeze. This T-Box design comes with a variety of leadership choices.

  • Holes

This Ceramic band heater is made in the Holes version and does not have any insulation. There are so many ceramic band heater manufacturers in India. When utilized with forced air conditioning systems, the perforations on the outer band allow for greater efficiency.

  • Spring-loaded Clamping Screw

A Built-in Strap Welded Barrel Nuts structure is used to build this Ceramic band heater. This is a typical heating option that works with any type of termination.

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