Bag filtration is crucial to most major industries where people depend more than ever on filtration. In a new era of protection and durability for goods such as gas and oil, water, food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, and plastics, bag filtration has become increasingly important as products are manufactured on a much larger scale.

At GST filter and system, we manufacture the leading bag filter housing and filter media for both our customers in the filtration industry and more broadly, people who benefit from safer&cleaner products free from hazardous debris and particulates. It is our mission and duty to produce unique industrial bag filter housings products.

How do bag filtration housings operate?

The role of bag filtration and its filter media is to eliminate suspended debris and particulates from various substances such as water, oil and gas, and plastics. The filter bags used will vary depending on the particular usage of the industry and how they are used. The operating principle of the bag filter housing is pressure filtration. It consists of a cylindrical body of SS. The unfiltered liquid enters the housing above the filter bags fills the interior of the housing and passes through the bag leaving the impurities inside it. Then, the liquid comes out through the bottom nozzle of the filter housing, free of impurities. Also, the housing can be used after changing the filter bag.

Types of filter housings

  1. Single bag filter housings: If you’re dealing with lower flow requirements this is ideal. They are more cost-effective with a clean design that makes changing bags effortlessly.

Our single bag housings include:

  • Single housings: These single housings have zero discharge, which means no backwash for your business! They can accommodate up to 250 GPM of flow per unit and fit together parallelly with complete flexibility in media.
  • Sideline filtration: A bead blasted finish that makes cleaning complete and a cover that can be easily tailored to various opening directions. It allows for complete lid removal, with up to 250 GPM flow per unit The filter height is entirely adjustable and features a fluid inlet from the side.
  • Duplex filtration: With two filter chambers attached to a changeover valve one chamber is constantly in operation while a clean filter chamber is in standby mode
  1. Multi-bag filter housings: If your industry has a higher flow requirement, a multi-bag filtration system will better suit your industry. A multi-bag filter housing can not only support higher flow rates and reduce bag change downtime, but our design is also discreet with a positive seal that prevents leakage and bypasses. Each cell is capable of 250 GPM flow. Our standard multi-bag housings range from two to 12 cell, but can custom create housings up to 24 cells. The bags are reusable once cleaned or can be replaced with fresh bags. Runs in both alternating and parallel modes

Filter media: There are hundreds of bag options available in different materials

  • Polyester
  • Polypropylene
  • Nylon
  • Mesh screens
  • Perforated baskets
  • Oil absorbent bags
  • Carbon lined bags

Bag filtration is the leading alternative in most industrial applications because not only do you get a wide variety of removable filter media but also SS bag filter housing that is an inexpensive option to help keep costs down. Bag filter housings are an ideal choice for industries that run small-batch processes in which a self-cleaning system is not an option or is too costly. Also, because we manufacture reusable filter media and the overall design of our bag filtration system decreases the need for a high bag replacement, reducing your disposal costs.

We’ve engineered bag filter housing that can support both small and large flow capacities and We are leading bag filter housing Suppliers in India. If you’re in industrial filtration and want to learn more about our bag filtration housings and how it will impact your business, connect with us today!