The treatment is not just suitable for those with sensitive skin which is hard to cleanse but also skin that is damaged beyond control. Most of us at home are using off-the-shelf cleansers and masks and perform manual extraction of impurities. However such a facial is not designed for sensitivity making it very uncomfortable.

Some of the spas have an al-a-carte of certified treatments that are credible for they have been providing wellness services for a decade.  Serving a wide base of clients suffering from many forms of skin problems such as professional spas are well versed in the knowledge of cosmetic science.  To personalize each session of the therapy on a reclining comfort and catering to every client’s needs and demands is their prime motive.

A good facial treatment is designed to flush out all the impurities present in the skin. The pores are clogged and initially require exfoliating process and this is performed by experts using concentrated jets of pressurized water.

Here is a list of some of the best facials offered by professionals

Aqua peel facial

An Aqua Peel treatment is specially designed to reduce painful extractions and redness. This form of treatment is one of the best facial offered and recommended by internationally acclaimed spas like Nouri Face & Body Concepts for its effectiveness on any type of skin.

This is a good facial treatment is also suitable for those who do not have sensitive skin. Above all, an Aqua peel facial is performed at one’s one comfort and ensures you indulge in some pampering and relaxation in the serene atmosphere. It not only cleanses but also helps soothe the irritated skin cells leaving a glow on your face.

Oxygen facial

There is nothing like a healing and fresh look on your face. To get rid of the dry, tired, and lifeless skin is liberating. An oxygen facial helps promote circulation in the dull skin and enhances the flow of blood to the facial muscles. This aids faster healing of facial skin tissues thereby giving an overall healthy glow to your natural complexion.

IPL facial

An IPL facial helps remove deep impurities just like the other two processes mentioned above. However, this treatment also refines scars, rough spots, and lightens skin.

Additional Treatments

Apart from the post-acne treatments some of them also provide facial rejuvenation and facelift with an added elasticity that firms and grips the complexion. While skin tightening treatment removes or prevents aging signs the process of skin renewal helps restore the healthy pH balance in the skin. These treatments prevent dark pigmentation, age spots, and accumulation of excess sebum or dehydration on the surface.

 Customized treatments

Customized or personalized session by reputed spas delivers most of the facial treatments with the latest cutting-edge technology. The quality of the treatment is of high standards and specializes in offering solutions for various skin issues. They even offer prenatal and postnatal massages that are quite a rage with modern women.