Is your hair falling out and becoming dry due to the weather? Let us learn from experts about the oils that can improve hair health.

Not only you, but many women are struggling with the problem of hair loss or lifelessness. In such a situation, we first go to Google, not the doctor, thinking that we will get some treatment. How will hair grow? How will they stop falling? How will their dryness be reduced and the quality will be better?

Many of us women feel that their hair does not grow fast. In fact, according to some research, hair naturally grows only 0.35 millimeters daily. This means hair grows 6 inches in a year.

Oiling is very important for the better health of your hair and to make them thick and long. Oiling reduces the dryness of the hair. It is very important for scalp health and will also help in reducing hair fall.

Dr. Sweta says, ‘Applying oil to the hair not only increases hair density but also boosts hair growth.’ She tells about 6 such oils that can be beneficial for you.

Jojoba Oil

The properties of jojoba oil moisturize the hair and scalp. It prevents hair fall and increases your hair density and makes them thick. It deeply conditioning the hair and makes your hair strong and shiny.

Peppermint Oil

This oil benefits the roots of your hair. It increases hair density as well as improves hair growth. In a 2014 NCBE study, it was found that it increases dermal thickness, follicle number and follicle depth. You can try it by applying it 3 days a week; just mix it with some carrier oil.

Olive Oil

Olive oil contains proteins, antioxidants and antimicrobial agents that can contribute to healthy hair. Oiling your hair from time to time strengthens your hair follicles and helps your hair grow. Since it contains omega-3 fatty acids, which improves the quality and moisturizes of the hair along with its overall health.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a natural way to make hair long and thick. It contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp and reduce the production of sebum. It also corrects breakage and damage of hair and helps in maintaining hair volume.

Onion Oil

Onion juice and oil are both responsible for increasing hair density. The sulfur present in it helps in hair growth. It nourishes your scalp and improves blood circulation, thus ensuring the growth of thick and strong hair. Not only this, it also provides relief from any bacterial infection and also from the problem of dandruff.

Rosemary Oil

In a 2015 study, it was found that rosemary oil can help with the problem of hair loss. Due to this it improves hair growth. Very positive results have also been seen with regular use of 6 months. It can speed up the process of cell turnover and growth, which works as a natural remedy to grow thick hair. Since it is anti-inflammatory, it is used to stop hair fall as well as for regrowth.

Oiling your scalp properly with these oils as told by the experts and get thick, long, beautiful and strong hair. If you have any kind of problem, then definitely consult a doctor before applying them.