Big Data is a large amount of data that can’t be processed or analyzed through traditional data management systems in the specified time span. There are various sources of Big data like digital media, online transaction records, telephone signals, etc. Big Data developers develop, maintain, test, and evaluate big data solutions within organizations.

They design Big Data solutions for big industries because they have experience with Hadoop technologies, like MapReduce, Hive MongoDB, or Cassandra. If you are looking for Big Data Developer Training in Hyderabad then Xebia Academy is the solution.

Things You Will Learn During Big Data Developer Training in Hyderabad

  • Navigation of the Hadoop ecosystem and learn how to optimize its usage.

  • Learn the implementation of partitioning, bucketing, and indexing in Hive.

  • Learn how to process real-time streaming data.

  • Perform Data Frame operations by learning the use of SQL queries.

  • User-Defined Functions and User-Defined Attribute functions implementation in Spark.

How Will Big Data Help Your Career

Big Data is a wide field that evolves with the change in technology. If you are in this field of work you need to adapt quickly to the change. In order to take benefit from all the opportunities presented by these technologies, one needs to have taken a course that is properly integrated. Big organizations take extreme interest in Big Data and are adopting Hadoop to store and analyze it properly. The demand for Big Data developers is increasing rapidly and so are the job opportunities.

Jobs available after the completion of Big Data Developer Training

  • IT Professionals

  • Data Scientists

  • Data Engineers

  • Data Analysts

  • Project Managers

  • Program Managers

Big Data Administrator Training in Hyderabad

The skills of a Big Data Administrator equip him to be the next admin of any Big Data assignment. At Xebia Academy, you will learn to work with Hadoop’s Distributed File System, you will understand its computation and processing, the core Hadoop distributions as well as a vendor-specific distribution like Cloudera.

Skills You Will Learn

  • Understand the fundamentals and characteristics of Big Data along with various scalability options available to help manage Big Data.

  • Through this course, you will be able to master the Hadoop Framework, including its architecture, the Hadoop distributed file system, and Hadoop clusters.

  • Learn the use of Cloudera manager so that you can learn the setup, deployment, maintenance, and monitoring of Hadoop clusters.

  • Learn to process Big Data through Hadoop administration activities along with computational framework.

  • Understand security implementation to secure data and clusters.

Big Data demands are increasing every day. There is a huge demand for Big Data Administrators in the market. Through Big Data Administrator Training in Hyderabad, learn through the best professionals in the market and get a lifetime certificate that will increase your worth in the market.

Who Should Take This Course

  • System Administrator and IT Managers.

  • IT Administrators and Operators.

  • IT System Engineers.

  • Data Engineers and Database Administrators.

  • Web Engineers.

Xebia Academy provides intensive training for both Big Data Developers and Bog Data Administrators. The modules are constructed to give the required information in an easy language. You also get the opportunity to work on live projects.