Fortunately, baby botox does not involve babies, but it could be the bright future of injectable cosmetics. Baby botox, to put it simply, is an injection that uses less Botox compared to the standard amount administered.

It’s used to smooth out thin wrinkles and fine lines, and according to board-certified plastic surgeon Melissa Doft, it’s about half the amount of a typical injection.

Baby botox is ideal for new Botox patients in Edmonton and patients who want half the normal dose for fear of paralyzing their facial muscles too much.

Although the amount of product used is important in Baby Botox, so is the technique used to administer it. According to board-certified dermatologist, Doris Day, Baby Botox.

The Microinjections are super targeted to certain parts of the face and that, in turn, leads to a more effective result that looks tailored and natural. That’s why Baby Botox is adored.

Compared to a standard-sized Botox injection, Baby Botox doesn’t put you at the same risk for “frozen” features since there is a lower dosage used.

In the forehead, for instance, a full standard dose threatens to weaken the frontal muscles, thus causing the brows to move down. That is much less likely with a microdose.

Baby Botox

Baby Botox, like standard Botox, can be used just about anywhere, but it is most effective when it comes to remedying fine lines.

Crow’s feet would be an ideal candidate for Baby Botox. The subtle effect is really what you’re going for if you are getting microinjection. If you have deep folds, Baby Botox probably won’t yield good results.

Of course, it is important to mention that even a full standard dose of Botox isn’t going to leave you with frozen features.

It’s really not about the amount used, but the technique used to administer it. So, for women who are considering Baby Botox out of fear of the cliche “frozen features,” they have seen in some nightmare cases, that’s not the thing to do.

In actuality, you should be working to seek out professional injection who is skilled at their work. It’s all about technique when injecting Botox and, while you may need less than the full standard dose, it still matters that the person giving it to you injects the right amount into the right areas if you want to achieve stunning, age-defying results. 

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