There are several different kinds of filtration equipment available to filter debris out of a system like Basket strainers, Y-strainers, single& multi-cartridge housings, single & multi-bag housings. Here we’ll take a look and examine single and multi-bag housings. Choosing a filter housing can be difficult because these are costly pieces of equipment. This post will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of both kinds of filter housings so you can make the best choice for your application! We are a leading Bag filter housing manufacturers in India and we have a wide variety of bag filter housing options for our clients depending on their needs. Cooling tower water, brewing, injection water, biodiesel production, coolant filtration, remediation sites, and RO protection are all examples of where these bag filter housings have been used.

Which choice would work better for you: a single-bag filter or a multi-bag filter?

The flow standards of your industry are the main difference between a single-bag and multi-bag filter housing. Single-bag filter housings are perfect for lower flow requirements i.e. Up to 250 GPM. They are less expensive and have a simple design that makes swapping bags a breeze.

A multi-bag filtration system may be best suited to your industry if you have a higher flow requirement (It can handle flow rates of up to 6,000 GPM). A multi-bag filter housing can not only support higher flow rates and minimize downtime for bag changes, but it also has an unobtrusive design with a positive seal that avoids leaks and bypassing.

The price difference between single and multi-bag housings is the most significant. Multi-bag housings can be many times more expensive than single-bag housings, depending on the make&model. This spending may be needed for some. This is particularly true if the person buying the housing is looking for a filter for a 24-hour-a-day procedure. Multi-bag housings are ideal when a high flow rate and consistent service are needed.

Single-bag housing

Single-bag filter housings are ideal for small-scale applications that require quality control. Single-bag housings use a single filter bag to remove dirt and debris, both large and small, from a system’s fluid. When the bag becomes full, it must be removed and replaced. Fortunately, filter bags are cheap and available in large quantities, so running out is rarely an issue!

The fact that liquid flow must be halted to replace the bags is one of the only real drawbacks of single-bag filter housings. This will bring a system to a halt for a few minutes, but most small-to-medium-sized applications are unaffected by changeouts. The main advantage of single-bag housings is that they are the most cost-effective choice.

Multi-Bag housing

Multi-bag filter housings, as the name implies, can hold different bags at the same time. These are ideal for bigger applications with high flow rates and systems that can’t be turned off. They pumped more fluid through the system at once, often up to 50 bags at a time. This equates to a 50-fold increase in flow rate over a single-bag housing. The best thing about multi-bag housings is that they can continue to operate while a bag is being replaced. Simply open the closure, remove the entire filter bag, and replace it. You don’t even have to pause the flow through the housing.


  • High flow rate and Low-pressure drop
  • Positive Sealing
  • Superior Lid Closing System
  • Side inlet and removable head prevent liquid discharge when open
  • A one-of-a-kind seal design ensures no side leakage.
  • Differential Gauge Ports
  • The supporting basket completely supports the bag filter and is simple to clean.
  • Over-the-Top Design
  • Drain Port
  • The housing has stable adjustable support legs that are simple to install and adjust according to the onsite pipeline.

Bag filter housing advantages

  • High dirt capacity
  • Good temperature resistance
  • Good sealing so that the device has a strong circulation
  • Bags can be replaced without the use of any tools.
  • Body flange joints with quick opening type
  • Bag replacement without causing any disruption to the pipelines.
  • Low maintenance.

In the end, neither type of filter housing is superior to the other. Certain housings are better suited to specific applications. We at GTS Filters & Systems should be able to provide facilities to handle any filtration work you have. For any further queries on Bag filter housing, please contact us.