An electric overhead traveling (EOT) Crane is a form of crane that utilizes an electric motor for power and its hoist trolley for transporting heavy loads across a horizontal bridge. A bridge crane is a form of overhead crane with two parallel runways spanning a gap across two or more supports. The hoist trolley is mounted onto the bridge and uses a lifting mechanism to move the load.

Electric overhead cranes are greatly beneficial for heavily industrialized facilities because they are capable of handling loads in excess of 20 tons, making them ideal for construction and fabrication operations in the oil and gas and shipbuilding industries. Compared to manually operated cranes, these machines allow for greater precision and efficiency, providing faster and safer operations, while reducing the risk of injury.

Better at Reliability, Operation, and Maintenance: 

Moreover, they are expensive to operate and maintain, but they are more reliable than manual cranes and as such, they produce less downtime. Their availability, safety capabilities, and increased speed make them preferred and widely used at many industrial facilities, including manufacturing and production plants.

Overhead Crane Safety

When using an electric overhead traveling EOT Crane, it is imperative to ensure the safety and health of personnel, as well as the integrity of the equipment and materials being handled. Training should be provided for all operators in safety procedures, including pre-use inspections and the use of personal protective equipment.

The most common hazard with overhead cranes is the risk of falls, and the possibility of being struck by materials or equipment during operations. The railings of the bridge should be inspected regularly to verify that they are not loose or damaged, and the load capacity of the crane should never be exceeded.

When a crane is near energized power lines, the risk of electric shock increases significantly. To decrease these risks, qualified personnel should perform inspections and maintain sufficient clearances between equipment and power lines. Safety devices and controls should also be properly calibrated and adjusted, and regular inspections should be conducted to ensure all components are in good working condition.

Is Electric Overhead Traveling Crane Essential for Industrial Use?

The electric overhead traveling crane is an essential tool in industrial applications due to its versatile uses and its ability to move large quantities of material and equipment with precision and speed. Investing in an electric overhead traveling crane is an important decision, as it can increase safety, efficiency, and productivity in a manufacturing or production facility.

While they are expensive to buy, they are worth the cost due to their ability to reduce downtime and labor costs associated with other types of cranes. However, proper operation and maintenance should be regularly performed to ensure optimum performance and to reduce the risk of injury, accidents, and breakdowns. Ultimately, EOT Cranes are an ideal investment for any facility requiring a highly efficient means to move heavy loads quickly and accurately.

Functions of an Overhead Crane: 

There are basically three major functions provided by an EOT Crane Manufacturers in IndiaAs they are known to be heavy-duty machines and are thus capable of lifting heavy loads the functions of this machinery revolve around the same scenario. They are also available in a plethora of sizes, configurations, types, shapes, and much more.  Below are the three main functions of these cranes: 

  1. They are used for lifting, moving, loading, and unloading of heavy materials or things. 
  2. These cranes are efficient and safe when used to perform heavy loading tasks. 
  3. Electric overhead traveling crane is much faster and time-saving than any other crane available in the market. 

Vivid Industries That Uses Overhead Crane:  

There are a plethora of industries that use EOT Cranes that control and work with them to move heavy, bulky, and hefty loads.

  1. Transportation: The name itself gives an idea about this industry. As transportation is required to deliver big and heavy products from one place to another. Here comes the use of overhead cranes that allows them to lift, move products from planes, trains and ships, and trucks. 
  2. Construction:  In the building industry mainly Single Girder EOT Crane is widely used to lift, and move loads from one place to another. As it is space-saving, reliable, durable, and comes with the latest safety protocols for cranes. 
  3. Assembling Goods: Industries and organizations that assemble huge machinery or types of equipment need electric overhead cranes to lift, move and assemble them all in one place. They are mostly used by industries that manufacture missiles and sorts of things. 
  4. Shipbuilding Industry: It is never easy to make a gigantic ship with a human hand thus, comes electric cranes make work easy and faster to build those floating big and amazing-looking ships. Not only that since the shipping industry is majorly used in transportation so the requirement for EOT cranes is always there.


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In spite of being not easy on the pocket, they are still one of the most demanding lifting machinery every industrial person prefers over the cost-efficient ones.