In today’s time, all the work has become very easy due to being online, but in this era of technology, where online work has become easier, criminals have also found a new way of committing the crime, sending messages through SMS or WhatsApp on the phone. There are many types of links.

These types of messages which have been given a link to track delivery or download something, you should check them properly once before clicking on them, even if a little negligence can prove to be a loss.

In the UK, a fake message called Flobot is fast failing as the name of the package tracker is coming through fake content messages claiming to belong to a delivery company to track the package delivery to the users. Being asked to click on a link, this app does not track but is a fake OO who steals data from that Android smartphone.

According to NCSC, users who have been affected by this fake content should reset their smartphone as soon as possible, which can save your data, apart from this, users have also been told that they have a new account to protect their data. Do not log in and users should also change the password. This fake link asks users to install an app to follow fake delivery. If any Android smartphone users click on this fake link, it is redirected to a website.