Are you looking for Air oil cooler in your neighborhood? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. You can learn about the best Air oil coolers Manufacturers in India in this post. Oil is used as a cooling medium in air oil coolers, as the name implies. The engine oil cooler is mostly used in the vehicle industry. They are often located in front of the engine and have smaller radiators.

Air oil coolers are those that take heat from a fluid, usually oil, using a draught of ambient air. They are a type of heat exchanger typically used in automobiles and construction trucks that do not have a liquid coolant source.An electrical, hydraulic, or manually powered fan cools fluids that are steered through a fin core by these heat exchangers. A cooler circulates the fluid, which is usually oil or water-glycol. A fan takes air into the cooling element and directs it through it. As a result of the temperature differential, heat exchange takes place, leading to an increase in air temperature, which is subsequently expelled into the atmosphere. This technique reduces the fluid’s real temperature by a few degrees below the ambient temperature. We are also one of the top Air oil cooler manufacturers in India.

The Air oil cooler is engaged as the engine starts up, and in certain cases, coolers are engaged at predetermined intervals as the motor runs. A cooler is available in bar and Fin or Plate and Fin types, depending on the design structure of the Air-oil heat exchanger, where heat may be transported from heated oil to air without the need for energy.

Working principle of an air oil cooler

An air oil cooler is an air heat exchange cooler using air as a heat exchange medium. Heat is brought via air, thus an air chiller is also called.

When the hydraulic oil is transfixed into the oil pass in the core of the cooler, thermal conductivity is swiftly transmitted to the core of the aluminum alloy. The main body consists mostly of a gathering pipe, an oil pass, and a winding path, and the air flows across a high-speed wind passage to force the warmth to reduce the hydraulic oil temperature. The cycle continues until the system is thermally balanced and the hydraulic oil temperature can be adjusted within the permissible range. The heat dissipation of the air cooler depends in general mostly on the heat exchange area and air volume of the component radiator. Similarly: the greater the air volume, the higher the heat dissipation effect and the volume of the air, the higher the heat exchange area, the higher the heat dissipation effect. In its so-called habit, the aluminum alloy flat-finish air cooler is also termed an oil cooler or an air-cooled oil cooler.

Benefits of Air Coolers

  • When compared to other cooling choices on the market, the key advantage of employing Air oil cooler is their lightweight form. This makes it easier to transfer and utilize the heat exchanger on any device.
  • Because the air oil cooler takes up little room, it’s ideal for use in small spaces.
  • Air compressors, renewable energy, diesel engines, factory automation, gearboxes, hydraulic power packs, hydraulic systems, hydraulic wrenches, and other applications use air oil coolers.

In India, some of the most well-known companies, such as Volkswagen and other automakers, choose this cooler over other heat-exchanging solutions. Air coolers are used not just in the automotive industry, but also in a variety of other sectors.

Application of air oil cooler

Air oil cooler suppliers in India can deliver the product anywhere in India. In hydraulic systems, hydraulic power packaging, heat recovery, air compressor, diesel engine, gearboxes, hydraulic brakes, building stone crashes, heat collection, and renewable energy industries for generators and wind turbines, air oil coolers are helpful.

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