Because of its remarkable benefits to the environment, Polycarbonate Sheet has become increasingly popular. Steel and transparent sheets let as much natural light into the factory as possible. These sheets’ superior quality and thickness have made them the standard replacement for glass and acrylic. Have you ever observed that these sheets were once standard in fancy eateries and coffeehouses?

Once its usefulness was widely known, however, it was also used in homes. These roof sheets have a commercial application. They are cost-effective because of the numerous ways they may be used and their substantial interest.

Properties of Polycarbonate Sheet

  • A high resistance to impact;
  • Extremely high flexural, shear, and tensile strengths
  • With a high modulus of elasticity, a product’s shape will be maintained even under extreme stress.
  • Maximum resistance to gradual deformation (creep) and cold flow (cold flow) at low deformation under load

Polycarbonate Sheet are widely used in many different applications

Poly sheet is increasingly replacing glass acrylics and other materials because of their superior properties. Great examples of their use are as follows.

To Construct Sheds

Poly sheets are in high demand as a component to construct durable and long-lasting sheds, which are now needed everywhere, from our homes to stadiums. Better light diffusion is provided, and some kinds of these sheets protect from UV rays. Car garages are a widespread and aesthetically pleasing use of poly carbonate sheds.

Eye protection

Someone welding iron or other metals while wearing safety goggles would have been immediately noticeable to you guys. Safety glasses and goggles made from poly sheets are popular due to the material’s inherent flame-resistant. It shields one’s eyes from harm and is always more protective than other materials.

Dissectors and Sectioning Devices

The use of fibre, glass, and wood partitions is somewhat dated. FRP Roofing Sheet has become increasingly popular in constructing room separators and office walls. These dividers are aesthetically pleasing and practical.

Balconies and porticos

Polycarbonate’s excellent capacity to withstand extreme weather conditions and when it is practically indestructible makes it a popular material for use in balcony and portico construction. Although all polycarbonate is tough and long-lasting, some types are so robust that not even a cricket ball can crack them. To top it all off, they are far lighter than any other material, which is a significant selling point for choosing them over other options.

Backyard Farming as a Pass time

Many genuinely care about the environment and devote their free time to constructing and maintaining personal greenhouses. Since Poly sheet is so versatile (they’re fireproof, UV-resistant, and simple to install), they’ve recently become a popular choice for conservatories.

Advantages of Polycarbonate Sheet


Due to the sheets’ small weight, shipping and handling costs are kept to a minimum. Hence, you can save money by purchasing them. In Chennai, a square foot of poly sheet can cost as little as Rs.64. They may be installed without any special coatings or tools because of the nature of the material.

Easy to install:

Poly sheet has been widely used in the business sector for their ease of installation on-site. They may be repaired with simple tools like screws and support rods rather than expensive machinery like cranes. Fusing these sheets takes little time or effort, and you can cut them with scissors or a circular saw.

UV shielding:

The transparent poly sheets’ UV protection and impact resistance make them ideal for outdoor use. They retain their superior surface and transparency even when heated at temperatures 120 degrees Celsius. Choose this option when you need as much natural light as possible without risking skin cancer. Polycarbonate roofing, like that used in greenhouses, is one example. They thrive when given adequate light and nourishment.

Fire resistance:

Poly sheets, much like metal roofing sheets, are fireproof. These sheets are effective at blocking the passage of high-temperature gases and fires. Because it doesn’t expand when hot, it doesn’t put extra strain on structures. For locations at risk of fire, poly sheets are a good choice.

Low –maintenance:

In contrast to glass roofing sheets, poly sheets supplied by Polycarbonate Sheet Suppliers in India rarely need to be replaced because of wear and tear. Because of their resistance to moisture and other residues, corrugated poly sheets require little upkeep around the house or business. Garages, skylights, greenhouses, and pergolas all frequently employ these sheets.


The insulation prevents the wind, moisture, and temperature from penetrating the inside structure. Multiwall polycarbonate, depending on the climate, can be an effective insulator. It keeps you toasty in the winter and refreshingly cool in the summer. It finds applications in architecture, interior design, and agricultural structures.


It can withstand any impact and retains very little water, making it highly durable and resistant to water damage. When it comes to Poly sheets, we’ve got you covered with the finest available. We are the leading Polycarbonate Sheet Manufacturers in India. Experience and expertise in the field have allowed us to provide a wide variety of poly sheets, including textured, transparent, opal white, and multiwall options.

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  1. Can a Polycarbonate Sheet readily crack?

As a material, polycarbonate is quite malleable. Like aluminum sheet metal, it may be produced at room temperature without splitting or breaking.

  1. How long would a roof have made of polycarbonate last?

Polycarbonate roofing panels have a lifespan of 10–20 years, depending on environmental factors and maintenance.

  1. Does sunshine have any effect on polycarbonate?

Polycarbonate panels can withstand intense heat or cold, sunlight, snow, rain, and even impact. Because of this, the panels can withstand various environmental conditions and external impacts without suffering any damage or deterioration over time.