There are various ways in which a homeowner or landlord might get hot water delivered to their property. A gas-fueled combination boiler is popular, but renewable energy sources and Immersion Heater installed within the hot water cylinder are also common. Learn all about heaters, from what they are to how they operate to proper usage, right here.

What is an immersion heater?

Heaters are electric heating elements designed to heat water and are typically installed inside hot water cylinders. They warm the water around them in the cylinder like a kettle.

What benefits does the heater offer?

  • A backup source of hot water is the primary advantage of owning an immersion heater. These are supplied by Immersion Heater Suppliers in India and are powered independently from boilers with their electrical connections. This ensures that even if your boiler fails, you will not be without a source of hot water.
  • Your heater has an on/off button, allowing you to manage its energy consumption while not in use.
  • When the water reaches the set temperature, a thermostatic heater will switch off and turn back on if the water cools too much.
  • A heater timer allows you to programme the heater to turn on at predetermined periods of the day or night. If your electricity rate is more cost-effective at night, then that is when you should have it operating.

Types of Immersion Heaters

Because there are such wide varieties of heaters, and new models are constantly being developed, a comprehensive list is impossible to compile. There are many different kinds, and I’ve included a list and a quick explanation of some of the most prevalent ones below.

Pipe Plug heater

Pipe plug heaters can handle pressures up to 3000 psi, making them ideal for use with a wide variety of small to medium-sized containers. Sheathed in copper, stainless steel, Incoloy, or steel, they screw straight into a hole in a tank’s wall. The substance they can heat depends on the sheath type.

Quartz Heater

Plating and acid finishing solutions, except those containing hydrofluoric or fluorides, are ideal for a quartz heater. They are unaffected by sulfuric or hydrochloric acids and can operate in environments with a pH range of 0 to 9. Quartz heaters may feature an automated shutoff when a specific temperature is achieved, depending on the manufacturer.

Circulation Heater

Water, fuel oil, steam, air, and gas can all be heated effectively by utilising circulation heaters. They have inline or side pipe configurations and are made to warm fluid in motion. Equipment includes a heating element, a heating chamber, a sensor or thermostat, a jacket, insulation, and inlet and output connectors. Fluids or gases are circulated either artificially or organically.

Over-the-Side heater

When through-the-wall heaters can’t be placed, or if they need to be removed for cleaning without emptying the tank, over-the-side heaters are a convenient alternative. They work well as a preventative measure against freezing, heating thick substances, or for use in open tanks.

Flanged Heaters

The high-pressure environments seen in big containers like oil storage tanks necessitate the usage of flanged heaters. They have either a square or a round flange that is welded or bolted to the exterior wall of the unit. Custom watt densities and power ratings in various sheath materials are available for flanged heaters.

Screw Plug Heater 

When there isn’t much room to work with, or there are electrical issues, a screw plug heater is a great option. They are available in various sizes, have a tubular element with a threaded hex plug, and keep liquids from freezing in smaller tanks or reservoirs. Thermowells, used in conjunction with some models’ temperature-control sensors, are available. They screw into a corresponding threaded hole in the side of the tank.

L- Shaped Heaters

A common name for L-shaped heaters exported by Immersion Heater Exporters in India is “over-the-side” heaters. When temperatures are high, and evaporation is high, they are employed. L-shaped heaters are safer and more efficient since fewer heating element is exposed to the air. Their two-inch sludge legs keep them from touching the chamber’s walls and floor.

Safety precautions to be used while using the machine

While this flexible Cartridge Heater has a wide range of uses in industry, some safety measures should be taken to prevent accidents. The following are examples of some of these safety measures:

  • Under no circumstances may the fluid level be higher than the maximum allowed level. Above the maximum liquid level, the drum may overheat, or the electrical system may experience a short.
  • The use of these heaters requires constant monitoring. Anyone using one of these heaters overnight or for an extended period must do it in the company of an expert. Infrared heaters with a timer or other means of shutting off, as well as those that provide complete coverage, are the best choice for prolonged use.
  • The heater’s control panel should be maintained dry and moisture-free.
  • For safe use, make sure the equipment is properly grounded. Electric shock is one of the many potential risks of improper grounding.
  • The electrical wiring must adhere to local, state, and national codes.
  • Before connecting the heater rod to the power source, it must be submerged in the drum or moved into the target area.

If you take these precautions, you can use the gadget without worry. In addition to these fundamental safety measures, it is recommended to have a trained individual present in the area where the device is being used to manage any unforeseen events.

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