Do you ever feel like the effectiveness of SEO is decreasing at a steady rate?

If you do, then you may not be the only person in the crowd. Google is a search engine that runs with daily optimization and updates that make its work processes more valuable and robust. The SEO technique requires adaptability to make the most out of it. Since Google is an intelligent search engine, you have to create articles that favor that intelligence. High amounts of keywords do not remain the standard for current computers, as people become more intelligent. So it makes sense that people want professionals in the league to handle this task now. If you are lost with SEO and feel like it is not working, you can give it the last shot if you click for more info to hire an expert.

Now you might ask if old tactics were so good, why make the search engine more intelligent. The answer is that the better solutions Google provides for advertisements instead of organic listings, the more money it makes from the internet. The reason might sound a little selfish, but it gives organic websites that adapt to the rules better.

Ten SEO techniques by Magento developers to allow organic traffic inside your website

1.      Improve your content by adding additional subtopics

Most drafts on certain content are not perfect at the first go. A person will miss essential points that hinder the availability and view inside search ranks. However, you can do many optimization tricks to make the page rank higher in any search terms you include. You can plug URLs that link to the top pages of your primary keyword using the content gap tool or instruct your Magento developer to do the same.

2.      Use the power of email to your benefit

A backlink is an essential commodity in organic search improvement but building that link can be complex. You have to venture on a prospect search, find their addresses, and mail them to convince a link to your website. If that process sounds very daunting, the best way is to send emails to everyone you link. You can find the addresses of marketing managers of the products you list to let them know about the recommendation on your website. You should also make sure you do not ask for a link directly, as the point is to create a conversation and make contact. If you have good content, you might earn yourself link opportunities and a few compliments.

3.      Interlink the new pages you add

Interlinks are hyperlinks in the text which connect pages. These links intend to keep all the users inside the website’s ecosystem. Google also reads the pages to find the authority of links inside a website. The issue is that every new web page in circulation does not inherently come with anchor links. Therefore, it is logical that you should click for more info to hire expert magento developer who will add some manually to your website.

4.      Update your contents at least once per year

Content editing involves a detailed analysis of all web pages inside a website to find if they are losing their integrity and require an update or isolation. Deleting websites that become outdated can increase the overall integrity of your website and may improve server times. If you have a WordPress website, you will find it even easier to make edits using many different free WordPress plugins.

5.      Make blog posts into videos

Video is the most immersive form of automatic media that you can create using any camera in your pocket and editing software. If you have the necessary hardware to edit good quality videos above 720p, you should use it as your primary advertisement method. If you manage to convey emotions properly, your video will get the necessary traction. This traffic is coordinated with YouTube and Google because they have the same owner. This strategy does affect your organic search rankings, as Google is more likely to suggest a reliable creator in its video-sharing website. A Magento developer can help you implement your YouTube videos on your website.

6.      Respond to requests in HARO

HARO is a service that establishes the connection for journalists to their information resources. It is a question-and-answer website that allows companies to aid journalists with their research. The website is free to use and does not charge a dime for taking your answers. If you receive a HARO mail from journalists, you should always read the requirement before answering it. When you answer the request, the journalist will reward you with a free backlink from their landing page. HARO only allows three emails per day, so that it might be very overwhelming for some people. The astute thing to do here is to use filters in your Gmail account to sort through complex mail sequences.

7.      Monitor the use of backlinks inside content that lack performance

The lack of organic traffic on your website can be an outcome of lacking backlinks. The internet has various free resources that allow you to monitor and compare the backlink count of your website and the competitors. If your competitors have a higher number of backlinks going to other websites, it might be the reason why you are falling behind in the race.

8.      Fix pages that contain broken backlinks

A broken backlink refers to a link that returns an unresponsive or unavailable website. Such links are a waste of precious time, and google might even mark such pages as ‘malicious.’ You must fix any broken backlinks inside pages to make sure your website ranks better in search engines. The internet has several resources that allow you to check unresponsive links, such as Google Analytics.

9.      Convert images into backlinks

If your website contains custom infographics or illustrations, people will likely use them for research and content creation. This situation can be an opportunity to earn backlinks to your content from the plagiarizer. Many people backlink the image to the owner before posting it, but that is not always necessary. Therefore, you can reverse search the photos in your content to find the people using your picture without permission. You can then ask them kindly to add a link to your website. If you want to have someone else do this work for you, then you should click for more info to hire an expert.

10.  Install a caching plugin for your website, if available

If you use WordPress to create and edit content, you can cache your data to help visitors load the website quickly. A website cache is a way of storing the website online to optimize load times efficiently. The WordPress platform contains many plugins to add from the dashboard to make website load times fast.


Online content creation is at its all-time peak, and people use it to market or inform the customer about their product. However, SEO becomes a significant obstacle if you forget to consider all the necessary points. Therefore, our Magento developer team made a list that will help you realize the essential aspects of SEO and improve your website accordingly.