It is true that Android has a higher reach  than iOS. But iOS offers smoother, faster and glitch free apps. One of the great advantages of iOS apps is that you, the creator, can earn high revenue. Obviously there are other criteria to consider. Here are 9 things to take into consideration for developing an iOS app.

Drafting your app’s goal

Before starting with the process of app development you need to establish for yourself the goal of your iOS app. Knowing why you want to build the iOS app and what purpose you want it to serve is an important thing to do. It sets your direction in building your app and whenever you feel lost you can rethink about the purpose you dreamt of. It gives you a clear sense of what needs to be done, what specificities you need to meet, etc. In this process you are going to answer the question of how you are going to offer to your potential users and how your app can perform better over the existing ones. Having the purpose of your iOS app in your mind enables you to better communicate your needs to the iOS developers.This ultimately translates to a smooth and successful iOS app development. You should also keep in mind that your iOS app addresses your business objectives.

Know your market

You already know that it is a highly competitive world. There are millions of apps which might be a competition to you. Dive into such a world without a sturdy research about your potential market is like diving into chaos. A well done in depth market analysis will enable you to invaluable information about the current market conditions and your potential competitors.

Once you know your competitors you can learn a ton of lessons from studying their experiences. You will be able to utilize the different strategies used by your competitors and come up with your strategies for development of your iOS app. Your competitors’ mistakes can be a huge jackpot if you could understand them and avoid doing the same in achieving your success.

There are valuable online tools available to analyze the trends in the market and identify your target audience. You can also use surveys and methods like customer segmentation to determine your target audience which enables you to zero-in on what they want. This helps in evaluating the real demands and optimizing your decisions to meet them.

Know your audience

With all the market analysis and surveys you came to know your target audience. Now you need to understand your audience’s profile which includes their demographics and geography. This will enable you to understand their needs and demands. With this you will be able to build a relevant, appealing app that can solve the audiences’ problems or add value. This will also help you in crafting strategies for marketing your iOS app on the market. One thing for sure is that your app’s success greatly depends on your target audience. So always try to take feedback from them and put that feedback to good use.

Technical stuff to sort

This is one of the most daunting of the tasks to take up before and during the development of your iOS app. With the development of Swift programming language, the development of iOS apps have become less complex. Apple even launched its IDE called Xcode which greatly eases the work of iOS developers. Xcode provides the native level of integration and tooling to build iOS applications. It provides an unique unified workflow for the iOS developer in terms of coding, testing, user interface design and most importantly debugging. As you know, the market is being flooded with new versions of iOS every year. This turns the old version obsolete and it makes sense to adapt to newer versions for your iOS app which inturn helps your app to be future ready.

Depending on the interests and purpose of your application you should focus on either targeting iPhones or iPad or other Apple products. But it’s becoming a standard practise to create cross device apps.

Building a sophisticated iOS app demands a dedicated development team.  Adopting a consistent coding style from the start, eases the communication among the developers. It also becomes easier to maintain and update your application.

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Consider battery usage

The main bottleneck of the smartphones is their limited battery capabilities. Depending on the smartphones and with their high-performance processors, the battery is discharged pretty quickly resulting in low period of smartphone usability. So you need to make sure that your iOS app does put a greater demand on the battery of the iPhone. This can be done by not allowing your app to run constantly in the background, limiting the search on updates and also the accuracy of the users to not more than required. Make sure you test the app prior to its launch. This enables you to counter the existing problems within your app and avoid a negative user experience.Hire best iOS app developer who will be a great help in dealing with this. This will greatly impact your number of downloads of your app. Good battery usage efficiency of your app also reduces one factor in users disliking your app.

Know how to generate your revenue

Generating revenue is an important factor for the development of the iOS app. So you must always try to find ways of making money. There are couple of options by which you can generate your revenue:

●          In-app purchases – This the most popular way of monetizing your app. In this you build a free app with as the name suggests in-app purchases. It is proved to be a good practise for generating high revenues.

●          In-app advertisements – You can offer space for advertisements and charge them on the pay per click basis. This enables you to earn a good amount by affiliate marketing.

●          Going with a free app increases the fan base and you also can generate your revenue by offering premium features.


You have created a terrific iOS app. The next step is to attract your target audience into using your app. You first need to make your audience know of your presence in the App Store and it can add value to them. This is where the role of marketing becomes more important. Devise strategies to market your app. Understanding your target audience brings you a long way into the competition and advertising your iOS app. Attract as many users as possible by utilizing the mobile marketing hacks. Include performing A/B testing for increasing the conversion of users who got attracted to your app into actually using it. Your marketing strategies decies your footing in the App Store and thereby in your market.


One thing to remember is that an app is never complete. With your growing vision for your app the app turns out to be more incomplete. You might have the need to add more features or remove some features. Even Apple in its announcement regarding the functionality and upgrades for apps on the App Store. It is punishing the apps that are not frequently upgrading by removing them from the App Store. So this lays an obligation for the app developers to constantly release upgrades for their iOS apps, making them improve their apps and stay in competitions.By this you will even be able to even expand your user base. Thereby taking care of your app with constant upgrades that are relevant to your target audience and help you stay in the market.

Social network integration

Simply put, social network integration is the use of social media accounts as an addition to yourmarketing strategy. By doing this you allow your users to easily access their social media accounts from your iOS app. With this they can freely share something they like on your app to their circle. By doing this you are also giving your users more ways to engage with your app as more and more people are turning to these platforms frequently. In the end it helps you greatly in promoting your iOS app.