The demands for Systems Applications Products (SAP)-certified students are going up in the IT sector. Many students are now showing interest in this course. In addition, it has boosted employment and given a different opportunity to students to take a different career path. 

SAP is best known for Enterprise Resource Planning and data management. If you have SAP certification then you can take advantage of it to get hired by a reputed company. It’s an interesting course to give a kickstart to your career or begin a new journey.

Here, we are sharing all the details regarding this course including eligibility, duration, and fee structure to help you get started. 

SAP Course Details

SAP refers to System Applications and Products in Data Processing. Before exploring this course, you must have to keep some idea about ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to understand it. 

ERP is a kind of software for automating business processes and management of daily activities. Companies can ease the handling of sales, resources, inventory, and other things with less investment and human labor. It also helps them to be competitive in today’s global economy. 

The SAP program is a popular ERP technology among businesses. It’s also the company name so don’t confuse between both. SAP, as an app development company, serving businesses with ERP solutions for many years.

Its SAP software has been developed for the management of customer relations and business processes. Getting trained in this course will help you in creating information warehouses, access data tables, and much more. Eventually, you will be helping the organization to grow. Around 150 SAP certification programs are available for scaling your career. If you want to pursue a career in SAP, picking the right certification is a difficult choice. However, the course is divided into three major groups:

  • Associate: SAP Associate certification will help to learn the fundamentals with training courses and manuals 
  • Professional: To grow your SAP skills and learn more, this is the best certification to choose. But beforehand, you need to have some basic knowledge about the software 
  • Specialist: Being a specialist means you will gain mastery over SAP

You can apply for direct certification for learning about SAP. After finishing the course, you have to take an exam, which is conducted by SAP AG. 


For being a part of the SAP certification program, there are not a lot of requirements. But, it’s important to hold a graduate degree in commerce, engineering, or science. Even master’s degree holders can apply for the same easily. Still, some courses demand a few years of SAP work experience of at least two years. Such learners can apply for SAP MM, PP, and PM modules. Commerce graduates or MBAs can go for SAP FICO certification. 

If you come from an academic background of the subjects including Computer Science, Business Administration, Finance, Accounting, Information Systems, Human Resource, System Management, and Operation Management.


The duration of the course depends on your choice of specialization. It can go from one month to a year. But, the majority of specializations are between 1-3 months that you can take them to grow yourself in your career. Both full-time and half-time courses have a similar impact on your career but the credibility and accreditation of the institution matter too. 

Fee Structure

The local training institute costs you around 2.5 lakhs to 3 lakhs. This cost can vary depending on your picked module and the institute’s credibility. 

Benefits of SAP Certification

SAP-certified individuals are high in demand because they can be of great support to other IT professionals. You can enjoy the following benefits after completing your SAP certification.

  • Advance your IT skills and your knowledge base in SAP, which further opens up plenty of opportunities for you
  • Improve your monthly salary, get a promotion, and keep growing your personality
  • Become a better candidate for private and government jobs at worldwide level
  • Explore the field of human resources like handling employment contracts, promotion, hiring, etc.
  • Get yourself involved in the business intelligence tasks comprising extraction, aggregation, management of data resources, and so on
  • Provides you special attention and recognition from other employers
  • Your reputation increases and your colleagues will also show more respect
  • You will be noticed by the entire management too for having this additional skill 
  • You can help a company in many ways by becoming a certified SAP professional

Final Words

It’s time to level up your career, earn more money and skills. Don’t let this opportunity of learning slip from your hand. There are many platforms to do SAP certification courses apart from your other demanding skills today like android app development, iOS app development, etc. Be the change-maker in a company, then you can do more and will be known more for your work. 

James Grills

James Grills is a technical writer with a passion for writing on emerging technologies in the areas of mobile application development and IoT technology. He is a marketing advisor – currently associated with Cumulations Technologies a mobile app development company in India.