Best Block Status : So hello friends how are you guys, I hope you guys will be fine. So if you are searching for Block Status Shayari and Unblocked Quotes & Sayings then you have come to the right page.

Blocked On Phone, Mobile and Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Email Quotes & Sayings.

On this page you will get to see Block Status, Block Shayari Image, Block Karne Se Shayari, Block Unblock Quotes, Mobile Block Shayari, Phone Block Shayari, Facebook and Instagram Block Shayari, Whatsapp Block Shayari etc. Status, which you have blocked, by sending poetry to someone or sharing your pain with someone.

  • If you understood my love, you would never have been able to block me from whatsapp.
  • Our only mistake was that we fell deeply in love with him and he blocked us in punishment for this mischief.
  • I mean I am not in your memories, but I will definitely meet you in your block list.
  • Tujhse Naaz Nahi Tha I blocked my heart just because I don’t like cheaters.

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