We used to have a bit of an Eeyore complex when it came to makeup palettes—pessimistic and depressed (sigh). If a palette had a color we liked, it also came with 10 we weren’t wild about, so really, what was the point in picking one up? Cosmetics companies must have heard our pitiful complaints and are now offering a range of palettes so varied that at least one will surely suit you. In honor of the makeup palette’s handy nature, we’ve matched each product up with a corresponding personality type. Fashion-forward, downtown gals will like the Lorac palette’s back-story while less-is-more types will celebrate the simplicity and perfection of Stila’s latest kits. Understated and chic uptown girls will enjoy the quality of Hourglass while Type As will enjoy the super-useful product set from Tarte. And finally, we’ve got the best more-is-more option from Sephora for our beauty enthusiasts…

Downtown – Lorac Showstopper Palette ($35)

Carol Shaw (the Lorac founder) teamed up with Estee Stanley and Christina Ehrlich (the brains behind Miss Davenporte) to create this kit. Shadow shades include Sand/pale beige, Serenity/peach tan, Luxe/golden brown, Glamour/smoky black and a blush in Couture/golden pink rose.

Uptown – Hourglass Color Link Palettes (from $55)

Once only available at Barneys, the luxury items from Hourglass are now conveniently available at Sephora and Vivre. The elegant Color Link palettes consist of six shadows and two blushes—all finely crafted—and are available five color sets. Vineyard/plums and pinks, Island/warm pink and bronze, and Landscape/warm neutrals, are shown above.

Workaholic – Tarte Ready-to-Wear/ Pret-a-Porter Dual Look Palette($44)

Busy bee types usually have standards as first-rate as their work ethic. With that multi-tasking, quality-loving personality in mind, we found Tarte’s Fashion Week-inspired palette with two complete looks (a little day to night action perhaps?). In addition to the six shadows, two cream blushes, and four lipsticks, you also get a mini mascara, eyeliner, and both eye shadow and eyeliner brushes. It’s sure to be an office lifesaver.

Minimalist – Stila Blanc & Noire Palettes ($32 each)

The latest palette offering from Stila might be our new favorite item. As always, the product colors are sensational, perfectly edited, and harmonious—we’re confident that you’ll use all four shades happily. Additionally, we’re also quite fond of the low-key, thoughtful packaging (it’s so sweet). Blanc, pictured above, contains three warm, golden shadows and a terra cotta blush, while Noire comes with various soft gray shadows and a mauve pink blush to boot.

Aficionado – Sephora Blockbuster Palette ($48)

Budding makeup artists and beauty devotees alike will adore this incredibly lavish, totally affordable palette from Sephora. The Blockbuster has three tiers of product—plus tools—and contains a mind-blowing 64 eye shadows and 32 lip colors. It’s also tricked out with six blushes, two face powders, four shadow applicators, two blush brushes, and two lip brushes. The colors in the kit are comprised of Sephora’s best-selling shades, so the utility of this monster palette is irrefutable!

So, there you go ladies. Hide your eyes behind your Ray Ban or Oakley sunglasses no more!