I come up with this best eyeshadow post for those who do not know how to buy the best eyeshadow. In this post, I will tell you which is the best eyeshadow. So that you can choose the best eyeshadow for yourself from the list of those best eyeshadows.

If you are also one of those who are looking for the best eyeshadow and affordable eyeshadow then this post is for you. Also in this, I will tell you what is eyeshadow and how to use eyeshadow. So read this best eyeshadow post till the end.

What is Eyeshadow?

Before knowing which is the best eyeshadow, let me tell you what is eyeshadow. Eyeshadow is an eye makeup that is applied to the eyes. It comes in different colours. Some people apply eyeshadow to match their faces. At the same time, some people apply eyeshadow by matching the color of their dress. It helps a lot to make the eyes beautiful and attractive.

Attention When Buying Eyeshadow – Attention When Buying Eyeshadow :

Eyeshadow is eye makeup, so you need to keep the following things in mind while buying it –

  • While buying the best eyeshadow, make sure to check its expiry date. If the eyeshadow has expired then it can prove to be harmful to your eyes and skin. Always choose the color of the eyeshadow you want to use more. Otherwise, it will be left lying after only a couple of uses.
  • If your budget is not much and you use eyeshadow only occasionally, then you should buy a normal budget eyeshadow. At the same time, you can buy many branded eyeshadows online at cheap prices.
  • If you use a lot of eyeshadow, always buy an eyeshadow palette that has different different colors. So that you can apply it by changing the color daily according to your clothes and choice.

Best Eyeshadow Palette Brand

Lakmé Absolute Eyeshadow Palette, 12g :

Lakme is a very well-known and trusted brand of beauty products. You can use this Absolute Eyeshadow Palette from Lakmé on any occasion. This is a 12g eyeshadow, which gives a velvet finish. This is the perfect combination of matte shades with 48 shimmers. Feels light after applying it to the eyes. The price of this eyeshadow is also quite attractive.

Swiss Beauty 9 Color Eyeshadow Palette, 9g :

Best Eyeshadow Palette Under 200 – This eyeshadow product from Swiss Beauty is a beautiful and high-quality product. It plays an important role in highlighting the makeup. It is made from high-quality material to keep you fresh and last for a long time. You can use it anytime day and night. It is best for all skin tones. You can use it for professional salons, weddings, parties, and home use. This is the cheapest eyeshadow.

L’Oreal Paris La Petite Eyeshadow Palette, 4g :

Best Eyeshadow Palette in India Under 1000 – L’Oreal is considered to be the best brand of makeup. Similarly, this eyeshadow from L’Oreal is also very good. In this, you get five eyeshadow shades, which play an important role in giving an attractive look to the eyes. These eyeshadows are velvety and set comfortably in your eyes. It stays in your eyes for a long time. Its eyeshadow palette is small in size, so you can easily carry it anywhere.

Maybelline New York City Mini Eyeshadow Palette :

Maybelline is also the best makeup company. This eyeshadow from Maybelline is also included in the list of Best Eyeshadows. You get this eyeshadow in six dramatic shades. You can apply it to your eyes in different ways.

HUDA GIRL BEAUTY Eyeshadow All in One Kit :

Best Eyeshadow Palette Under 500 – Huda Girl Beauty is also very famous for its makeup products. You are getting 24 eye shadows, 1 blush, 1 highlighter, 1 contour, 3 lip colors, 3 eyebrow powder, and 2 brushes in this HUDA all in one eyeshadow palette. These are very creamy and velvety eyeshadows. You can also apply it by mixing it. This eyeshadow is able to stay on the eyes for a long time.

Colorbar Eyeshadow Pallet, Hook Me Up, 17.5g :

Colorbar is one of the best brands in India. This 17.5g eyeshadow from Colorbar also comes in the list of Sabse Accha Eyeshadow. It sets velvety in your eyes. Made from this creamy formula, the eyeshadow stays on the eyes for a long time.

Right Way to Apply Eyeshadow – How to Apply Eyeshadow

Just buying the best eyeshadow is not enough. It is also important to use it properly. If you know how to do makeup but don’t know how to use eyeshadow, this thing can ruin your entire makeup.

So below I am going to tell you what is the right way to apply eyeshadow. So let’s know –

(1) Before applying eyeshadow to the eyes, apply eye primer on them. With this, your eyeshadow stays on the eyes for a long time and does not spread.

(2) Now apply concealer on the upper eyelids and the lower eyelids of your eyes and blend it well with your finger, brush, or sponge.

(3) After doing this, apply face powder, loose powder, or translucent setting powder.

(4) Now you have to choose eyeshadow according to your eye color or dress color.

(5) After that you have to first pay attention to the outer edges of your eyes. Then you have to take some medium color eyeshadow and apply it to the upper eyelids and blend it into the center.

(6) Now you have to apply a lighter shade on the inner edges of your eyes and blend it with the medium shade.

(7) After doing this, you have to apply the dark shade of the main color on the outer corner of the lash line and blend it into the shape. If you apply eyeshadow from the outer corner and blend it inwards, then your eyes will look bigger. You can apply shimmer, glitter or highlighter over it.

(8) Lastly, if you want, you can also apply the main eyeshadow color with the help of a small brush on the lower eyelids. By doing this your eyes will look more beautiful and attractive.