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150+ Best New Good Morning, Quotes, Wishes, Whatsapp Status Images 2024

  1. Rise and Shine: Welcome the New Day with Positivity and Purpose! Good morning!
  2. Good Morning start your day with a cup of coffee and positive minds.
  3. Good Morning every day is a new beginning take e depth breath and start again.
  4. Good Morning Life is a gift. Wake up every day and realise that. Have a nice day!

Good Morning Wishes Hindi and English

1. Na kisee ke aabhaav mein jiyo,
na kisee ke prabhaav mein jiyo,
zindagee aapakee hai bas apane
mast svabhaav mein jiyo. Shubh Prabhaat

2. Not in the absence of anyone, life
Do not live under the influence of anyone,
Life is yours only
Live in good nature. Good Morning

3. taazee hava mein phoolo kee mahak ho,
pahalee kiran mein chidiyon kee chahak ho,
jab bhee kholo tum apanee palake,
un palakon mein bas khushiyon kee jhalak ho. Sundar Din Shubh Prabhaat.

4. The smell of flowers in the fresh air,
In the first ray, birds have a tweet,
Whenever you open your eyelid,
Those lashes are just a glimpse of happiness. Beautiful Day Good Morning. 

5. kaliyaan khil uthee ek pyaare se ehasaas ke saath,
ek naya vishvaas din kee shurooaat
ek meethee see muskaan ke saath aapako bolana hai.

6. The buds bloomed with a lovely feeling,
The beginning of a new faith day
You have to speak with a sweet smile. 

7. May your new morning be so pleasant, let all the things of sorrow become old for you, let it be such a happy new day so that happiness can also become your addiction. Good Morning.

Good Morning Status English and Hindi

7. subah ka najaara bhee kya khoob hai, kintu door mera maheboob hai, hamen aatee hai pal pal aapakee yaad, yah aapake pyaar ka kasoor hai.

8. What a morning view too, but far away is my love, we come to you every moment, this is the fault of your love. Good Morning.

9. raat ke baad subah ko aana hee tha,
gam ke baad khushee ko aana hee tha,
kya hua agar ham der tak soye rahe,
par hamaara morning maisej to aana hee tha.

10. Had to come in the morning after night,
Happiness had to come after the sorrow,
What if we slept longer,
But our morning message had to come.

11. aapakee nayee subah itanee sayaanee ho jaaye,
duhkhon kee saaree baate aapakee puraanee ho jaaye,
de jaaye itanee khushiyaan ye din,
ki khushee bhee aapakee muskuraahat
kee divaanee ho jaaye.

12. May your new morning be so serene,
May all the things of sorrows become old for you
May this day be so happy
That happiness is also your smile
Let’s be crazy

Good Morning Quotes English and Hindi

13. As beautiful as this pink morning is,
Equally beautiful be your every moment,
All the happiness you have today,
Tomorrow is more than that.

14. jitanee khoobasoorat ye gulaabee subah hai,
utana hee khoobasoorat aapaka har pal ho,
jitanee bhee khushiyaan aaj aapake paas hain,
usase bhee adhik aane vaale kal ho.

Good Morning Friends Wishes Hindi and English

15. sooraj nikalane ka vakt ho gaya,
phool khilane ka vakt ho gaya,
meethee neend se jaago mere dost,
sapane hakeekat mein laane ka vakt ho gaya. suprabhaat mitron

16. It’s time for the sun to come out,
It’s time for the flowers to bloom,
Wake up sweet sleep my friend,
It is time to bring dreams into reality. Good Morning Freind.

17. I am smiling because I am stronger than my problems. I am smiling because my God is stronger than my problems. Good Morning.

18. मैं मुस्कुरा रहा हूं क्योंकि मैं अपनी समस्याओं से ज्यादा मजबूत हूं। मैं मुस्कुरा रहा हूं क्योंकि मेरा भगवान मेरी समस्याओं से ज्यादा मजबूत है।

Good Morning, Today is going to be a great day. As a result, stand up and smile.

Good Morning Lover Wishes Hindi and English

1. Keep blooming like flowers, shine like the sun, and laugh all day.

2. You have to give a message in the morning, you have to give the first salute in the morning, your happiness is happy all day, give your morning a beautiful name.

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