The mobile application has changed the way of our living. It has made it smooth and straightforward. As the demand for mobile applications increases, more companies hire Android app developers.

There is a tough competition going on between the developers who are highly skilled because of the high demand. To remain in the tough competition, you need to learn skills to become an Android developer.

So, here is a blog that can guide you to learn skills to become a highly-skilled developer.

Skills to become an Android app developer

●    Programming skills

Building any mobile application requires high programming skills to code smoothly. Therefore, you need to learn the programming skills step by step.

Although mobile phones have small screens and smooth processors, Android application developers will have to code for many devices based on the device and user’s needs.

Programming technologies

For Android development, two technologies are widely used: Java and Kotlin. Therefore, if you want to become a successful developer, you must know these platforms.

For designing layouts in Android, developers have to use XML, a markup language that stands for an extensible markup language. Such XML layouts are linked to java files, where business logic is written.

Programming tools

An integrated development environment is paramount in bug-scale coding and project management. It will provide us with the required tools, services, and templates so developers can code readily without any issues.

●    Designing skills

Android applications use a front-end interface for end-users. The user interface will involve graphics, layouts, controls, and animation components.

Mostly, in massive projects, teams hire designers for designing the application. Still, if they have a fixed budget, such projects will require developers who have knowledge in UI designing skills and expertise on various skills for designing.

Although the application has full functionality, it is not confident that it will run in the market for a long time if it fails to fulfill the UI guidelines.

Designing tools

Android app development will require some designing tools such as Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, and other prototyping design and development tools, mobile animation tools, and much more to provide design components during app development.

Google has already launched a set of advanced interface guidelines and other standards known as material design rolled out across all other products.

●    Testing skills

Android app testing skills include removing bugs, errors, crashes, and glitches before the final step of app development in Google play or other platforms.

It is essential to test an application before launching. It can show us some crucial issues, including payment errors, security faults, and many more, so it is recommended that developers have testing skills.

Testing methods and strategies

Testing is an essential part of quality assurance for android app development. Although, android app development will require vast types of testing strategies and methods before starting the project.

Below are some of the testing strategies developers will need to implement in the development process.

  • OS testing
  • Device testing
  • Network connectivity testing
  • Battery testing
  • Security testing
  • Automated testing
  • Testing tools

●    Publishing skills

Publishing skills are not less essential than technical skills. It does not matter how responsive and good your android app is. If you don’t have sufficient marketing, you won’t connect with enough of an audience.

Here are some skills which an android app developer must have, along with technical skills.

Marketplace skills

To broadcast an android application for customers and internal staff, the android application must be published at the end of the development and designing of the product.

Documentation skills

Android app developers will deal with the technical products, development processes, and customers. Non-tech skills like writing all the documents, articles, and blogs are required from the developers.

●    Project management skills

Besides the working field, the android app developer is a pivotal part of the app development team. The reasons behind it are that developing an android app is not possible to develop by a single person as it requires a team of different skilled developers.

Thus the android app developer must be knowledgeable with project management skills. For android app developer certification, you will need to have all the skills related to the process of app development.


As the number of smartphones increases day by day, the applications related to it have more demand. As you now know, becoming a developer requires every skill involved in the process of app development.

In the blog, you will get to know all the skills required to become a professional developer, and the answer to your question about how to become a mobile app developer will also be solved.