An oil chiller cools and generates the temperature of oil without doing any harm to the machine. It can regulate oil without any loss of cooling performance, even in harsh environments. For a chiller, there is a purpose of an oil return system. The main reason for oil return manufactured by the oil chiller manufacturers in India is that it can recirculate the chiller oil into the circuit of chiller lubrication. 


A chiller uses either the absorption cycle to cool or vapor compression. The oil chiller is a part that redacts the cooling of hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, and cooling oil of machine tools. In different sections of the machine, the tools reel the bearing, and the gears get overheated. Because of having a high-speed rotational effect, the issue of distortion can occur. The efficiency of the machine can be affected by the shifting of the shaft. Oil chillers cool down the air by circulating oil and resist oil temperature rise that keeps the machine safe.


Advanced cooling hydraulic oil chillers are used to maintain the accurate oil temperature in the power packs available in hydraulic systems of machine tools. It has to be altered frequently because, at high-temperature, oil starts to degrade faster. The oil chiller suppliers in India make them by using high quality and maximum strength bodies to work as more durable. It has an anti-corrosion resistance capacity. The thermal exchanging power activates the cooling system even with the external temperature that can range up to 50°C. A chiller works based on vapor absorption or compressing the vapor. 


The oil chiller’s works are based on several principles of operation. That is described below:


● Changing the phase: A fluid coolant passes through a phase change into a gaseous material in case of heating. When the gaseous coolant cools down fully, then condense of the gas again becomes a liquid. 


● Heat flow: Heat energy always streams from an area with a high concentration to an area with a relatively lower concentration. 


● Boiling point: When the reduced pressure is applied to a liquid, then its boiling point also decreases. Whereas increasing the pressure always increases its boiling point. 


There are some features of working oil chillers. Those are as follows: 


● Water cooling type- It is used to decrease the temperature of the water. The tube type of heat exchanger has varieties of heat-conducting tubes in the body. The performance of a heat exchanger depends upon the temperature of cooling water. The oil cools down by enforcement of convection flow of tap water, industrial water, etc. 


● Circulating system – The system is divided into tank houses and non-housed types. The circulation of oil is conducted by housing a circulating pump. This is used to cool hydraulic oil, lubricant oil, cooling oil, etc. 


● Dipping type – This pumps the non-housed type. The oil cools down by dipping a cooling coil in the open tank. This is generally used to cool oil. 


● Air cooling system – In this air cooling system, the radiator-type heat exchanger device circulates the air by using a fan. The cooling process is done by passing the fluid through the pipe. The heat inanition capability goes down when different kinds of impurities obstruct fans. The performance depends upon the temperature of the outside air. 


Some common application of oil chiller is: 


● Power generator


● X-ray diffraction spectrometer


● Wire cut/spark erosion EDM


● Medical equipment


● Laser cutting/marking machine


● High-frequency welding machine


● Machine tool


● Hydraulic press


● Induction hardening machine


● Furnaces


● Pressure dies casting.


● Anodizing plants


● Die and pigment manufacturing. 


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